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September 17, 2014
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September 23, 2014

Staging A Home Fireplace

Fireplaces are on many buyers’ wish lists, in fact according to a National Association of Realtors 2013 Home Features Survey they found that 57-percent purchased a house with a fireplace.  With so many buyers wanting this feature, you need to make sure as a seller your fireplace takes center stage in the room. Try these tips when updating your dingy fireplace when staging a home:

Update Fireplace Materials

Screens. If your fireplace has a brass screen modernize it! By spending $200 or so to replace the old screen with a new black or bronze version, you can instantly bring a fireplace up-to-date. Do-it-yourselfers may opt to paint the brass screen themselves using black grill or auto paint with a heat-resistant primer.

Background Wall.  Most fireplaces have outdated brick. If the brick matches your design aesthetic then by all means use it. But, if it’s a traditional brick in a contemporary home chances are you’re either going to need to paint over the brick or resurface the wall with trendy stone or tile. The background wall should highlight a fireplace, bringing out the wood color and any of its architectural details. Whether your painting the brick or starting with a new surface try earthy, creamy tones for the accent wall, or choose a paint color two or three shades darker than that of the other walls to create monochromatic harmony in the room.

Decorating Your Mantle

With TV. If you have a TV over your fireplace, it’s important not to over decorate your mantle or TV viewers will get distracted at what to look at, worse yet your decor might be in the way too! Think about using simple decor on either side of the TV in varying heights. You can use elements, like flowers or a plant, to make the black box feel a bit more natural.

Without TV. Start off using a big piece on top of the mantle wall. Try colorful artwork or a mirror to use as the main focal point. Use accessories sparingly on the mantel. Use one accessory, like a large plant, as a secondary focal point to connect the large piece and the mantle together. Make sure to create movement on your mantle, for example, display three candlesticks of differing heights, a vase, or smaller accessories on one side and leave the other side clear.

Positioning Your Furniture

Furniture. You can make the fireplace a focal point, by angling the furniture to either side of it, or place sofas perpendicular to it. Don’t block the fireplace with furniture or other items to clutter the space.

Try these tips at home and post your pictures on our Facebook fan page I’d love to see how you’ve transformed this hot-feature for buyers.

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