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September 17, 2014
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Successful Yard Sale Tips When Staging a Home

So, sellers ask me all the time what should they do with their clutter and extra items not being used when they’re staging a home?

Really it depends on if it’s of use to you or your family anymore. If you can still use the items, but not during the showings then I suggest get packing. But, what if you don’t need the items anymore then I say throw a yard sale to try and make a few extra bucks because we all know someone else’s trash is another’s treasure.

I was recently apart of a successful yard sale and here are a few tips to keep in mind when your ready to set up shop in your yard, becuase it’s hard work.

Tip # 1: Go through your entire house a few weeks before your sale and start putting aside items you will be selling.

Tip# 2: Put like items together and keep the items organized but out of the way of daily life. This may be a great time to price each item as well.

Tip # 3: In order to have a successful sale you need shoppers, so advertising is key!! Try putting a classified ad in your local newspapers and see if they have a community calendar section where you can add an event.

Tip # 4: Use the internet, post an ad on Craigslist in the for sale sections under garage sale category. Also post on local community websites, forums and groups. A lot of our foot traffic came from local facebook groups so make sure to do some research first.

Tip # 5: While posting colorful signs on telephone poles is great advertisement, there are laws prohibiting this in many areas, so check in to see what local laws are in your area about holding and advertising yard sales.

Tip # 6: It’s also nice to know what other sales are going on the same day so you can direct customers to your sale.

Tip # 7: Don’t hold a yard sale during major holiday weekends and if you have a lot of stuff to sell, try having a two-day sale.

Tip # 8: Make sure where your holding the sale is cleaned up, for example, if you’re having it on the lawn make sure the grass is cut.

Tip # 9: Set up the night before or in early morning so you’re ready for the early birds.

Tip # 10: Use a combination or tables, bins and boxes. Take your time and display things so buyers can see what you have for sale. Display interesting items close to the curb so it attracts customers.

Tip # 11: Also make sure you have enough change to break big bills.

Tip # 12: Recruit family or friends to help customers and keep an eye out for thieves.

Tip # 13: Remember to keep windows and doors of your home locked to avoid intruders.

One final thought, have fun! Put background music on, be friendly to the customers and help them, help you make a sale.

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Happy Selling!

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