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December 16, 2014
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Staging a Closet Can Sell Your Home Fast

Unable to find what your looking for, items continually falling to the floor, or worse yet, not being able to shut the door are all reasons why you might want to consider organizing your home closets. I recently took the weekend and went through every closet in my house, no I’m not selling, but if I feel this great purging the old to make way for what the new year has in store, imagine how buyers can envision your newly found closet space.

It’s no secret if you’re selling your home buyers will open up cabinets and closet doors, it’s not because they’re nosey, these buyers want to know how much storage and closet space is available in your home.

So if you’re looking to wow-buyers, especially first-time home buyers; it may all come down to your closet space since it’s square footage that’s topping buyers “must-have” lists when purchasing a home.

Can you blame buyers for wanting more space? As a society we naturally have more possessions than past generations, closets packed to the brim with shoes, clothes, linens and outdoor equipment. Most moves involve gaining more square footage, take first-time buyers for example, many are moving from cramped apartments with little to no storage on the premises and want the luxury of storing all their belongings in their new home.

Ideally as a seller, since you will be packing things away anyway, take a closet at a time and determine which items you want to keep, sell/donate, pack or trash. Follow these four tips when staging a closet:

First off assess your space what is this closet’s purpose? Linen closet? Coat Closet? Bedroom Closet? This will help you determine what belongs in the space. If you have items currently in the closet that doesn’t support the purpose find another home for it or pack it away.

Pack away anything you have not used/worn in four months. Usually 50% of items (like extra towels, linens, bulky coats) and 80% of our wardrobe, think ahead in terms of weather and special events that may require special clothes.

Group like items together. By doing this, you create specific zones for each item within the closet. For example keep all shirts, blouses, jackets, and pants in the same closet, but in designated areas.

Within each item category, arrange by color. Arranging items by color reminds many of magical rainbows. That sublime spectrum of color is brought into the home for eye appeal.

Turn your closets into a positive selling feature rather than a place to stash secret items because we all know buyers open closets, so do them a favor and wow them by doing the organizational tasks on this list before your next open house. Make sure to show us your closet transformation on our Facebook Fan Page.

Happy Selling,

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