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Home Staging Tip: Organizing Basics

We all have a lot of stuff we have to manage throughout our day, which can get overwhleming for many especially when it comes time to sell. That’s why I’m sharing these basic organizational tips with you. Usually we keep a few rooms in our home spotless for guests, but when your entire home is on public display…what do you do with all your clutter-build up? Well, it’s time to get organized.

But, creating a complicated organizing system, won’t help you maintain all that clutter. You have to do what works best for you, although there are some organizing basics to consider. Here are a few home staging tips on how to start organizing your home.

Questions to Consider:

When coming up with an organizing plan consider the lifestyle you lead, where do you drop mail or your keys? How about items that are outbound, where do you store those? Check out each room of your home what’s lying around, how are you using the room and can you improve upon it?

Find a Home for Items:

While you may not be able to eliminate clutter…you can control it! If you have a home for each item. You need to determine where is the best possible place for each item in your home? You also want to make sure the item will be close by to where you will remember it and where it gets used the most. Items that you use daily should be easily accessible.

Creating Work Stations:

Another basic principle of organizing is to set up work stations around your home to complete daily tasks and make life easier. Each work station should have all the tools needed to complete the task whether it’s homework or laundry. Don’t be afraid to claim clutter free zones in your home, especially in the common areas of the home while on the market.

As we’re about to embark on yet another new year, I know many make new years resolutions and use this as time to get organized. What are you looking to organize in your home in 2015 and beyond? Tell me in the comment section below, let’s hold each other accountable and reach our organizational goals.

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