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Recently, I’ve had a few of you message me about whether or not it’s a good idea to change out carpet and/or flooring in your home.

My answer is an emphatic YES. Especially if you have any of these factors:

  • Worn or outdated colored carpets
  • Pet Odors

According to the HomeGain 2012 Top Ten DIY Home Improvements, new carpet can bring you as much as 160% ROI (return on investment), while new flooring can bring you 110%.

So, what should you install that won’t break the bank?

  • Hardwood is always a good choice. You will always get a good ROI with hardwood floors. Floating Floor with an interlocking system is easy to install. Stick with a neutral color (no reds & blacks).
  • Laminate flooring is great. Super easy to install and can be installed over most floors.
  • Luxury vinyl plank is super popular right now. It functions and installs like laminate, and most often you don’t need to do any demo. It can be installed right over top of most flooring.
  • Vinyl tile is another option. Most people can’t tell the difference between vinyl tile and ceramic – it looks that good.
  • Carpet is the last best option. In general, going with a beige color is best… it keeps all decor options open.

Special thanks to Donnie Gupton from Flooring My Life for his tips on this topic. Be sure to leave a comment and tell us what flooring you decided to choose for your next project.

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