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[VIDEO] 7 Ways to Embrace High Point Market Fall 2017 Trends

Every six months, more than 75,000 people embark on the small town of High Point, North Carolina where they come to tour High Point Market, one of the largest furnishing industry trade shows in the world. If you follow me on Instagram you know I was one of those there last week.

Among the crowd designers, architects, buyers and vendors walking the 11.5 million square feet of showroom to discover what’s next in the furnishing industry. We were all there to scout out the latest products, seasonal trends and more. Here’s what I uncovered:

Lucite Acrylic Touches

Acrylic furniture is nothing new, it’s been a contemporary staple since it was introduced in the 1930’s. The see through material has been keeping furniture classy throughout the decades, especially after it was reinvented in 2002, when Philippe Starck’s introduced the Louis Ghost Chair. Today the acrylic, which is a manmade material is being paired with more organic inspiration– like wood, wool, metal even marble. This ottoman even goes one step further by using the watercolor trend from spring.

Lucite acrylic is being used beyond the ottoman, console table or dining chair. Check out the photo below the material is found in a chandelier paired with metal. A gorgeous statement in an entryway or dining room.

Photo by: www.BobbieMcGrath.com

high point market

Matte Metals

Metal, metal everywhere! Around every corner furniture pieces were accented with metals. The glam of the 70’s continues to trend with brass and gold, but any metal will do. Especially mixing and matching different metals together which can add depth to a room and make it feel lived in. Matte metal finishes are a new twist on the material that creates a distressed look to the piece overtime, just look at this metal hutch below. No need to worry about dents, scratches or discoloration it adds character to the overall look.

High Point Market

Photo by: www.BobbieMcGrath.com

Low Profile Furniture

This subtle trend screamed at me when I almost missed the seat on the couch to rest my feet at market. Low profile furniture can help maximize the height of the room and can dramatically enhance a great view. It’s found in modern style, which is on trend along with the popular mid-century furniture, which usually sits lower than the traditional 18 inches above the floor. Click here or below to watch the video.

Bold Complementary Color Combos

If you like color, you’re going to be happy about the bold color combos popping up everywhere. This merge can attract attention, set a mood, even influence our emotions and perceptions in a room. Complementary colors are derived from the red,yellow and blue. The combos include: red and green, yellow and purple, and orange and blue. You can find these shade mixes on throw pillows or even rugs, which should be used as pieces of art for your floor. 

High Point Market

Drape Me In Colored Velvet

The rich, luxe, textured fabric comes straight from the runway at New York Fashion Week. Velvet, mostly found in bold colors like bold blues, dark green and soft pink was found on couches, accent chairs, headboards even in pillows and drapery. I also discovered lots of black velvet paired with brass or gold to create a dramatic effect in a room. (P.S. I loved this tufted dark green velvet couch — so of course I had to add a picture of it!)

High Point Market

Funky Globe Lighting

Looking for lighting? Gorgeous glowing spheres are it! Globe light fixtures were well represented at market. Organic, translucent, spherical lights of all sizes are a great addition to a space to create a sophisticated yet playful look in the room. They can be found in as single or as a multiple sphere fixture to make  a statement in a bathroom, kitchen, living room or even entry.

High Point Market

Overall, what’s old is now new again– isn’t that how it always works? In all these trends spotted I found manufactures are embracing the  1970’s disco era, but this time around it’s all about the texture. Which trends will you adopt in your home this season? Let me know in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you.

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