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Spring Cleaning Your Home in 5 Steps

As the seasons begin to change, so does your cleaning style. Spring cleaning is when someone deep cleans their house or a room, typically undertaken in spring. 

Simple Tips

It’s important to take part of a spring cleaning ritual to remove allergens, germs and bacteria from the home so you can feel healthier, especially at the height of allergy season. But, spring cleaning doesn’t only make you feel better it can also reduce stress, increase productivity and help the brain to focus on more important things than the clutter and dirt lingering around the home. Here are five areas of the home you should add to cleaning routine to improve those surrounding your body and mind.

Spring Cleaning Tip # 1: Wipe Down Walls

You may not notice with the naked eye, but the walls providing you shelter usually hold a ton of dirt on them. What’s in the air is also on the walls including, dust, smoke, even oil from cooking. Watch this video to learn a simple way to quickly clean your walls.

Spring Cleaning Tip # 2: Let There Be Light

One area homeowners tend to overlook in their cleaning routine are lights from up above. Every fixture in your home should be wiped down at least once a year. By cleaning your lighting you’ll actually be making the room brighter. Check out this video below to see how to clean four different light fixtures.

Spring Cleaning Tip # 3: Furniture Freshening

Big pieces of furniture in your home also need to be maintained. So, take some time during the spring to freshen up all your furniture. This will help keep one of your most expensive household purchases looking clean and new longer. Check out this video below to learn how to clean upholstered furniture.

Spring Cleaning Tip # 4: Assess All Appliances

Don’t you love the latest technology and how the appliances work for you in the home? I do. I couldn’t imagine hand-washing clothes or cooking over a fire. While many are self-sufficient they still require a human (i.e. you) to care for them by cleaning their hoses, filters, knobs, nozzles, drawers, racks, etc. It’s important to clean all the appliances in your home to help them run more efficiently and avoid a fire or flood. Make sure to schedule time to clean out all your appliances, but you can start with this video of cleaning a gas stovetop and oven.

Spring Cleaning Tip # 5: Change Out Decor

Once the home is spotless, it’s time to pack away the winter blahs and replace dull decor with accessories that portray lighter fabrics, colorful patterns or prints, mother nature and scents that remind you of spring. Watch the video below to see all our amazing home decor finds at Pier 1 Imports.

Looking for more tips to easily deep clean your home this spring? Then join us for a FREE online Spring Cleaning Class that will provide you quick and easy tips to tidy up your home this spring. We’ll be featuring experts Cas Aarssen The Clutterbug and Dianne de Las Casas The Fairy Organizer as we explore strategies, techniques and fun ways to incorporate cleaning into your lifestyle. So join us here and bring your questions.

spring cleaning class

If you have a spring cleaning task you always do, let us know in the comment section below. Or let us know where you plan on starting to deep clean in your home this spring. We’d love to hear from you!


Happy Cleaning,

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