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Window Treatments: 4 Ways to Add Style

Are your window treatments worn, damaged or worse yet — dated? There are endless ways to style your windows so they frame a beautiful view, while still being functional.

window treatments

Since there are so many window treatment styles on the market, how do you know which on is right for you? Consider these four things to view the best option.

Window Treatments Tip #1: Determine Your Style

Take a cue from your home decor style. Is it traditional or more modern? Window coverings should mimic the style of your home so check out the variety types below do you want a clean sleek look of a roman shade or a more elegant look using a panel curtain. Choosing the right treatment we make all the difference in the space.

Window Treatments Tip #2: Choose Your Material  

Determine what type of material fits your budget. Decide on whether or not you want fabric, vinyl, aluminum, wood and even faux wood to dress up your windows. Also, do you want something unexpected like a bead curtain or bringing a new accent color into the room? Pay attention to pattern, color and detail by adding embellishments.


Window Style


Window Treatments Tip #3: Assess Functional Preferences

It’s important to consider the amount of light entering the room and privacy concerns. You may want blackout blinds for a media room or bedroom, but a valance in your kitchen window where sunlight is welcome.

Window Treatments Tip #4: Choose Custom or Off-the-Shelf

Decide if you want to go with custom window coverings that are manufactured to fit the interior dimensions of your windows, or if an off-the-shelf window treatment will suit your needs. Again, this will all depend on your budget. Many time you can by pre-made shades and cut them to size at your local hardware store.

Let me know in the comment section below, what is your favorite window treatment style? FYI- currently mine are roman shads and curtain panels with grommets. I’d love to hear from you!


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  1. Janay says:

    I love panels with clean cut designs, current challenge the trifecta, light, air, privacy, I’m not sure it’s possible in the boros

    • tori says:

      Maybe try some top down bottom up shades then have curtain panels on the outside of the window you love panels.

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