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March 20, 2014
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Home Staging the Fools of Real Estate

Happy home staging April Fool’s Day! If you’re selling your home avoid becoming a fool of your real estate transaction by taking a cue from the quotes of these wise men.

Thomas Fuller once said, “a fool’s paradise is a wise man’s hell.” This is true among sellers who can’t face the reality that others may see things differently. If you have cluttered rooms, home repairs or even a bold paint color on your wall buyers may not see the potential your home has. Just because you think your home looks great doesn’t mean a buyer will. So prepare your home for sale with a buyer in mind.

Another man Thomas Tusser believed, “a fool and his money are soon to be departed.” Sellers can save money by using a home stager. You have to spend money to make money. Rather than part from your cash have a strategic plan to your home noticed by buyers. The more time your on the market the more money you will spend.

 “The fool wonders the wise man asks,” suggests Benjamin Disraeli. If you don’t ask for help, how will you know how to sell your home. When you hire an agent and a home staging company you get to embark on their knowledge.

Ask your agent and stager what can you do to get your home sold.

Baltasar Gracian said,”the wise does at once what the fool does at last.”
Avoid testing the market! Rather than wait to the lower the price or stage your home to see if someone will make an offer, use your prep time wisely research the market and assess your home, so you are in the best possible position when selling your home.

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