September 25, 2017

Easy Veggie Pot Pie Recipe

A veggie pot pie is a twist on a classic pot pie the ultimate comfort food. The flaky pie crust filled with tender vegetables (and meat if desired) all mixed with a creamy sauce and cheese, come on it just tastes like home. My mother use to serve us pot pies from the frozen section as a kid, but I longed for an adult version where we can control the nutritional content. Hence, Sal’s pot pie recipe was born! We usually crave this recipe as the weather begin to turns cooler. This simple veggie pot pie is easy to assemble in the morning and will cook up slowly all afternoon as you tend to other home projects until dinner time. The savory smell will fill the air in your home, making it the perfect recipe to cook during an open house or Sunday suppers with family. Veggie Pot Pie Ingredients […]
September 21, 2017

Embracing Fall Home Decor Under $150

When the air starts to turn crisp and the leaves begin to change, it is time to think seriously about autumn decor. From your curb appeal to your living room there are so many ways to decorate for fall. The season arrives this Friday, just in time to add a fall decor project or two on your weekend to-do list.  Decorating this time of year can feel a bit overwhelming because there are so many variations of iconic elements that can be used to set the scene. Do you decorate for Halloween with skeletons, witches and zombies first, then Thanksgiving with pilgrims and indians– maybe it’s both at the same time? Or do you choose to just focus on the seasonal aspect of autumn using classics like cornstalks, pumpkins, leaves and pinecones.  Whichever you choose, it’s important to stick to a theme. Exercise restraint when putting together your fall decor because imagery […]
September 18, 2017

Architecture and Design Style Guide to Sell Your Home Quickly

Did you know there is nearly 100 architectural styles to choose from when building a property? Every home has a unique style sometimes combining two or more of these styles together with renovations and extension projects added to the property over the years.  It’s important to know the architectural style of your home to help determine how to decorate the inside of the space properly– so it will be attractive to the current buyer, if even the property was built centuries ago.  Some architectural styles are more on trend now than others. Usually homes that linger on the market longer look dated. I recently visited a home (pictured above) on North Shore Long Island, the property was in a prominent area and the price tag was hefty, but the home was built back in the 1980’s featuring the popular contemporary style of decades past. While this isn’t the ideal architectural […]
September 14, 2017

Space Planning: How to Sketch a Floor Plan

Don’t start decorating a room without first analyzing your space with an accurate floor plan. A floor plan is one of the easiest ways to know how much space you have, both the positive and negative features. Plus, a floor plan can help you visualize the space without breaking your back moving furniture around multiple times.  As a kid, I use to love rearranging the furniture in my room to create a fresh feel in the space. Moving the bed from one side of the room to the other, I didn’t realize it then, but I was space planning. Space planning allows you to organize furniture to work effectively together while utilizing the entire space more efficiently–and it all starts with a floor plan. With each room drawn, out you can add furniture, fixtures and appliances to see which arrangement will fit best in your space. Here’s what you’ll need […]
September 11, 2017

7 Home Staging Tips to Prepare Your Home for Fall

Selling a home in autumn is the second best time of the year to get on and off the market quickly. You only have a short window between the time the kid’s go back to school before the holidays and wicked winter weather set in, that’s why home staging is important to add to the home selling process to get on and off the market quickly. This is a great time to sell because there will likely be fewer homes on the market during this time of year, meaning a well-staged home can draw the right buyer in. If you’re planning on selling a home on market this fall check out these home staging tips to get prepared for showings. Start at the Curb Make sure to maintain your landscaping. Leaves can make your yard look messy. Also, make sure to trim back bushes and other plants that may be […]