December 5, 2016

Simple Tips for Christmas to Maximize Space

When it comes to entertaining for the holidays, it seems your home’s floor plan is never big enough. Arranging furniture is an important step when hosting a festive party because it dictates how the guest will perceive and feel in the space. When planning a get together at home a host should maximize their square footage so guests can easily get around, have a place to sit, chat and allow the homeowner to navigate around guests to keep up on party maintenance.  Before furnishing any room, a homeowner should draw out the floor plan of a room, including the placement of windows and doors. Every room should invite you in, rather than stop you from entering, so pay attention to the traffic patterns throughout the home. Use these six main tips to determine an ideal traffic pattern when placing furniture and creating your Christmas floor plan. Tree Placement The first thing […]
December 1, 2016

Tasteful Outdoor Christmas Decorating

What neighborhood doesn’t have a house that looks like their outdoor Christmas decorating were an after thought, just a hodgepodge of items thrown together on the front lawn? This is holiday overload whether a guest or buyer is at your front door…and will instantly give your company anxiety. So, let’s skip putting out all your decorations and focus on using pieces that will enhance the positive features of the property. According to a Pro Flowers survey 73% of Americans begin their outdoor Christmas decorating right after Thanksgiving and nearly 102 million Americans say, “decorating for the winter holidays is one of their favorite things to do each year.” This is one reason why it’s so important to get your exterior decor right! This photo below is quite the contrast from the one above and makes a huge difference, right? This is an ideal way to show-off your property with holiday decor, especially […]
November 28, 2016

Get the Lifestyle & Home You Want

If you’re like me, you may be spending some time this last part of the year reviewing home projects, weekly tasks and the habits you’d like to change in the upcoming year to create a space that not only feels at home, but can be show-ready at a moments notice. I believe that we all have a style that each and everyone of us can embrace inspiration from our senses, knowledge and desires we’ve experienced. That what we’ve learned in our lifetime, our struggles, challenges and triumphs actually affects the lifestyle we lead and how our homes are showcased. So, it’s my job as a home stager and lifestyle expert to create a home buyers or anyone for that matter will find irresistible. Irresistible meaning, to allow someone to fall in love with their surroundings and tempting them to possess a lifestyle they’ve only dreamed about by keeping track of the […]
November 21, 2016

Ideas for a Stress-Free Feast

Host your Thanksgiving guests with ease this year by setting a stylish table, make a centerpiece that wows and be prepared before dinner time. Here is a quick guide to reference to make the most out of Thanksgiving day as the countdown begins. Think being a hostess with the mostest means stressing in the kitchen while your guests enjoy the party? Think again. Your guests are there to spend time with you! With a little advanced preparation, you can unlock the secrets of pulling off an amazing dinner, spend more time chatting and be the center of attention without breaking a sweat. The following time-saving tips will give you more time outside the kitchen, and less stress while you’re in it! Plan Ahead Test out new recipes in advance and choose dishes that don’t have to be served piping hot. Once you’ve got the menu figured out, prepare what you can […]
November 17, 2016

How to Make Your Open Floor Plan Functional

Homebuyer’s dream of an open floor plan these days when it comes to  buying a new home. An open layout refrains from using walls between common spaces to define each function of a room. This helps embrace a room’s flow to promote sociability, traffic patterns and to enhance open, airy, light and bright spaces. The problem with an open layout is that the large, unstructured space can feel endless, less personable and even a bit cold. That’s why it’s important to visually section off a large room to create intimate functional zones that have their own identity, while incorporating a cohesive feel throughout the entire floor plan. Remember these tips to help you organize and define these popular spaces without propping up walls. Public versus private space. Think about whether you want some of the space to be private. A bedroom in an open floor plan should have some privacy, and office space […]