December 9, 2015

Christmas Decor | Criss-Cross Ribbon on Christmas Tree

Decorating for Christmas is no easy task, especially the tree. I mean come on you can’t just throw up a tree and call it a day. You have to stand up the Christmas tree, string the lights, place the ornaments and of course the tree topper.  Well, let me show you one more step that is a tad time-consuming, I’m not going to lie, but looks absolutely stunning. It’s called the criss-cross ribbon technique and I began doing this to my tree last year. Well, when I posted a picture on Facebook of the tree decorated like this in 2014, everyone fell in love and many even tried it on their own. So before I show you how it’s done let me tell you what you will need. First off, when purchasing the ribbon being used you want to make sure you get the right amount and of course that […]
December 9, 2015

DIY Home Decor: Decorate with Old Sweaters

After recently pulling out my warmer weather clothes, I stumbled upon some sweaters that had seen better days. Rather than tossing them into the donation pill or the trash I decided to repurpose my old sweaters and incorporate them into our home decor this winter season. These easy ideas will give your space a warm and cozy feel during the cold-weather months. There are so many ways to incorporate a sweater into your home decor here are 5 ways you can add the effects of a sweater in your home: Sweater Home Decor Tip # 1: On the Floor Try adding this texture pattern to your rugs. FLOR Carpet Tiles have soft, irregular braid patterning in complex yarns for a familiar and comfortable look that works for any space. In not only feel great under your feet, but this product is easy to maintain. Check out what a sweater material […]
December 8, 2015

Set the Table for the Holidays

Before the end of year chaos sets in- holiday decorations, shopping, partying it up and planning your business and personal goals for the New Year I wanted to share with you my latest decorating videos to make your home looking amazing this holiday season.   Let’s start with my Christmas favorites a collaboration I did with a bunch of You Tubers. Cathryn Holt from Amateur Decorating Like A Pro created this collaboration with nearly 50 participants to share our favorite thing to do this time of year and to show you how to decorate something for the holidays. Find out what I love to do and learn how to decorate a winter wonderland table scape for your guests. What you’ll need: Tablecloth Snow Batting Bottle Brush Christmas Trees Glass Mercury Christmas Trees Gold Reindeer (similar) Charger Plates Table & Glassware White Napkins Monogram Letter Ornaments See how we used these materials to create […]
November 5, 2015

Show Off Your Home This Holiday With Less Stress

Relax. Company’s coming. You have a million things to do…which do you tackle first? What gets put off to the side? And what never gets done? If you plan on reducing holiday stress this year it’s time to adopt some organizational strategies to make holiday preparation a breeze. I’m often asked, “how do I get it all done in my home” and honestly, we have a running joke with my neighbors who say, “you’re at it again,” as they pass by. Yes, we’re constantly working on our home (it’s kind of our zen), but the secret is if you plan and schedule a time, just a little everyday,  to maintain your home you feel a lot less stress when it comes time to entertain. You can focus on the little details and what’s on the menu verse scrubbing the floor or figuring out where to hide your clutter. Write It Down. Did […]
November 4, 2015

DIY Home Decor: Trunk Into Coffee Table

This week, I was apart of a FREE-I-Y Collaboration on Youtube, a bunch of Youtubers came together to create a FREE-I-Y, which is simply something you obtained for FREE and then you reuse, up-cycle of create something new from the piece. My FREE-I-Y was this blue-leather trunk. Well, it’s basically a box, but I wanted to give it more “trunk like” personality and turn it into my living room coffee table. I found this piece after our house flooded by Superstorm Sandy back in 2012. I wanted something that was durable, dual-purpose and wouldn’t get messed up by our animals.  So here is what you’ll need for this project: Small can of paint or stain Painters tape 1 inch paint brush or sponge brush Stencils Wood glue Tape Measure 4 table legs ( Set of 2 leather straps Shelf paper I started the project by using the wood glue to place […]