July 28, 2015

Feel At Home, Yet? Our BIG Announcement!

It is with great pleasure to announce Feel at Home – my first ever book is available for pre-order. Selling a home is not only time-consuming, but consists of the daunting task of preparing your home to be ready to show at a moments notice to strangers, who won’t hesitate in judging the space. To avoid the consist negative criticism it’s important for a seller to master these easy home staging steps you’ll find in this book and create a scene buyers will find irresistible. You all can order your copy today: http://www.feelathomebook.com and thank you so much for your support! #FEELATHOME  #HOMESTAGING #HOMESTAGINGTIPS DISCOVER HOW TO GET YOUR HOME PREPARED FOR SALE. What if you could avoid spending time on the real estate market? What would it take to be a successful home seller? What will it take to start out and close a deal of a lifetime? Selling a home […]
July 13, 2015

$5 Goodwill Challenge -Summer Edition

$5 Goodwill Challenge- Summer Edition – It’s my first Collab!!!! Hilary from the channel My So Called Home has issued another Goodwill Challenge. You can see the entire challenge here and while you’re there make sure to subscribe to her page. I found a few home decor items I was able to use including a welcome sign, lantern and vase. Thanks for watching and sharing this video. GoodwillChallenge
July 13, 2015

Decorating a Split Level Foyer

Today I wanted to answer a Youtube viewer’s question… Brenda Collier writes, “I live in a split level foyer home. Any decorating or staging tips for this kind of home?” Of course, I do, Brenda and thanks for your question, for all you viewers out there if you have decorating or staging question be sure to send them to me at help@toritoth.com or you can always leave a comment on our youtube channel or facebook page those links are below. But back to the question… Brenda this a problem for a lot of homeowners who have a split level foyer, especially if there older because quite frankly there isn’t enough room to do much with them. But as you know this is an important space whether selling or staying because its the first place you walk into the home…but already your faced with a decision do you go up or […]
July 13, 2015

Using Word Phrase Decals in Home Staging or Decor

Here’s a question from a FB Fan sparked this video on how to use word phrase decals when selling your home. My opinion is this… If you have lots of decals up, pick one or two of your favorites that will really resonate with buyers and keep them. By no means should they all be in the same room, nor should you have decals in every room of your home. It’s too distracting. Also, I would discourage any religious sayings, just because you don’t want to offend potential buyers. When you use decals, try to make sure to use them in rooms that are appropriate – like a kid’s room. Stay away from formal rooms. I really like using decals and words in stagings, because you can subconsciously tell people how they should be feeling in your home. I’ve successfully used them in stagings, and I find that as long as […]
July 13, 2015

Organizing a Bedroom Closet on a Tight Budget (Home Staging or Home Decor)

Do you have a bedroom closet that looks like this? Unorganized, cramped and you have no idea where anything actually is? In this video, I address one community member’s closet dilemma. Before I answer though if you have a staging or decorating question, please leave it in the comment section below or your can private message me on Facebook. Ok, this question is from my Facebook fan Lisa Russell in Australia she asks how to color code her closet because she has more patterns than solids in her wardrobe and Lisa says she just isn’t sure how to use all her space in her closet. This is a great question, and I love that you provided me with photos…let’s tackle the first part in regards to organizing your clothes. Now when you color code your closet, it’s actually more appealing to the eye and it simplifies finding an item you’re […]