September 17, 2014

Hang Artwork Like a Pro

home staging art: Do you have artwork around your home leaning up against the walls? Or maybe you have bare walls because you’re scared of making a mistake? Don’t leave those great pictures lurking in the corner. Follow this is a fool proof infographic (attached below) created by  Shutterfly to show you what tools are needed to hang anything on any type of surface. So, what are you waiting for? Get hanging!! Make sure to post your comments and photos below of your hanging projects! I’d love to see the transformations. Happy Selling, This infographic is provided to you by Shutterfly, the leading online provider of photo books, cards and Wall Art.  
August 13, 2014

Home Staging: Need Seller Perspective

I’ve been a home stager for five years now, helping sellers prepare their homes for sale and while home sellers and those in the real estate industry are acknowledging the importance of home staging more and more, there are still some that question what I do everyday. I need sellers perspective! So, ask away, have a question about home staging and preparing your home for sale, Click Here, it’s a simple survey geared to provide valuable content that will serve your needs as much as possible when preparing a home for sale, plus it’s a heck of lot easier when you give me some hints. Again, I could really use your help, Click Here to fill out survey and for more home staging tips check out some of the other blog posts and be sure to leave your comments on them below. Happy Selling!
August 12, 2014

Products I Love: FLOR Carpet Tiles for Home Staging

It takes a lot for me to promote a product, quite frankly because there are so many choices out there, but hands down this product always come up first in my book when it comes to picking a rug. I don’t usually promote products, but I love Flor Carpet Tiles are so versatile that I use them all the time in not only home stagings, but to decorate in my own home FLOR carpet tiles ( are so versatile that I use them all the time not only in the homes I stage, but also in my own home. I’ve bought countless 12×12 square tiles, to make fabulous one of a kind rugs. These tiles come in solid colors, patterns, graphics and textures that you can mix and match into any size rug. A 5×7 rug is typically 12 tiles, a 8×10 rug is typically 30 tiles and a 10×12 is […]
August 5, 2014

Home Staging:Yes, You Can Transform A Room in 10 Minutes

Think home staging takes a long time to complete? Think again. If you have all the right components home staging a room in your home can take as easy as 10 minutes to get prepared for a buyer. Don’t believe me watch this video and see how easy putting these home staging tips into practice can be in your room. If you have questions about home staging be sure to contact us here. Try it for yourself and then go to our facebook page and tell us about your transformation. You may even get a few extra tips from me.  
August 5, 2014

Packing Tips When Moving Or Traveling

If you plan on staging your home furnished, it always involves packing and moving some of your items. Check out this week’s video to learn packing tips  your belongings to create rooms that are more neutralized for your home staging plan. The process usually coincides with packing and things can get messy. Here are a few ways to reap the benefits of simultaneously home staging and packing your home. One of the keys to a successful  home staging staging is letting potential buyers imagine themselves living in your home. Get a head start on packing family pictures and anything that makes your home “yours.” As tempting as it may be to pack away everything keep out certain accessories, those larger than a softball to display around your home if they match the lifestyle you’re trying to portray. Another item to keep out lamps and fixtures. Your home lighting can help […]