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So, What Blue Works Well With Cheetos?

OMG, if you missed Thursday night’s premiere of “Will & Grace” then you missed a half hour of laughs at the White House’s expense. The iconic television show took a massive stab at President Donald Trump and the tense political climate on its first episode.

Now, this isn’t a post to review the rebooted show or create a political divide — rather Debra Messing’s character Grace Adler who is an Interior Designer, had a few clever lines as she took the job to redecorate the Oval Office. As she tried to pick colors to match the new curtains:

“Karen, hand me that curtain swatch. I need to make sure it works with his coloring. (Holds up a Cheetos bag.) Yep, that’s the one.”

Grace was trying to match the perfect blue with the coloring of Cheetos.  Which made me think, what are some blues that work well with this bold color?



I found Tangerine Melt from Benjamin Moore to be the right orange hue that matches the colorful snack. It’s an exciting rush of color! It’s a bold, bright orange that has a cheerfully joyous vibe. Use this highly charged hue to instantly energize any room.


Why does orange and blue work? The hues together create a complimentary pairing. The colors sit opposite the color wheel and play off each other’s intensity. It’s a natural example of opposites attracting and you have to look no further than Mother Nature’s beauty in fall when the leaves turn a bright orange amongst a blue sky background.

But, if you’re having trouble imagining the powerful color duo together in an interior here are a few examples:



What do you think of this color combo? Grace was pairing the color with a royal blue hue which is a great twist on a traditional classic. 

I’ve already set my DVR and I’m sure they’ll be more posts to come inspired by “Will & Grace.” By the way, the show earned its return after the cast came back together last year for an ad encouraging citizens to vote. The rave reviews from the ad was a sign for NBC to bring the sitcom back. I’m excited to see what happens next…

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