August 28, 2017

Start Here: What to Expect at a Home Staging Consultation

One question asked often by homeowners or real estate agents inquiring about how to start the home staging process is what’s the first step to staging a home?  Well, it starts by your initial interest in properly prepping a home for sale to get the biggest return on your investment. When researching working with potential home staging companies look at their experience, testimonials and credentials before hiring a stager. Inquiring About Home Staging We begin the conversation by asking some basic information about the property your trying to sell: What’s the size of your home? Does it have furniture or not? Reason for selling? How much time before going to market? Budget? Our company will then require to see the property to put a staging plan together. We offer an in-home staging consultation for the local New York City area and for those who live beyond those limits we provide […]
August 24, 2017

Staging and Selling a Home When You Have Kids

When a kid’s room is in your home, while on the market, it can be an uphill battle to keep the space clean and clutter free. These rooms are difficult to keep staged because kids, especially younger ones may not understand the importance of home staging. Kid’s bedrooms, offices, laundry rooms and basements are considered secondary rooms of the home, so they’re not as important to keep staged as the common areas of the home, however, if you want to tug on the buyer’s heartstrings staging a kid’s room can be just the way to grab an offer. A home that has multiple bedrooms will most likely be the perfect fit for someone looking to start or grow their family, which means they have one thing on their mind….cute little cuddly kids. This photo does just that! I found this kid’s bedroom on my local Multiple Listing Service, it’s a home […]
August 21, 2017

A NEW Voice for the Staging and Decorating World

Creativity is key in our industries, whether in home staging, interior design or real estate, we have to think outside the box, repurpose and feature a lifestyle – that’s found in most people’s aspirations. If you’re looking for home ideas? We have the solution for you — AspiredHOME Magazine, an online magazine that will deliver staging, decorating and lifestyle inspiration. What’s Inside? As the Content Director/Editor for this online magazine, we have a team of experts who can see and sell spaces with our imaginations. Inside the pages of AspiredHOME Magazine, you’ll find different sections that reflect important aspects of what makes up a quality design. Decorating and staging are two different services that create a visually appealing home. We spotlight these contrasts in the varying sections of this magazine. The sections include: Let’s Talk Color, Décor Inspired, Rooms to Love + Sell, Destination Inspired Décor + Lifestyle Travel, Showcase Spotlight  and DIY Décor Inspiration. Getting […]
August 17, 2017

How to Arrange Furniture to Maximize Space When Staging a Home

An important step in the staging process is maximizing space by arranging the furniture properly. A great arrangement will help buyers see a room’s potential and flow as they walk through the space with ease. Check out how we changed the look of this 1-bedroom apartment in the West Village by rearranging the furniture and adding a few key pieces to create a cohesive feel that got this property SOLD in record time. One of the apartment’s major flaws that the Realtor and I both agreed on was the furniture in the living areas was not inspiring a certain lifestyle. We wanted to avoid overwhelming the room with furniture, so we used a combination of the owner’s current pieces while incorporating some rental furnishings into the space. What We Did… Prior to home staging the only furniture in the living room was a futon and an Ikea coffee table. The […]
July 31, 2017

Home Staging Refines Targeting Buyers During a Sale

Just like casting a net when you go out to fish, Realtors use a wide-range of marketing techniques to attract the majority, but are they using the right bait to lure in that perfect sale and target buyers? Chances are no. Open houses, website campaigns and newspaper ads can be a waste of time and money in this economy, if you’re not targeting the right buyer. A home in an older community on Long Island is going to attract a different buyer than one looking at a condo on the Upper West Side. So, how can you determine a target buyer? Fact: Demographics vs. Psychographics First look at the demographic profile, who is living in that neighborhood, what stores are in the area, can a home seller provide any clues, and why would someone buy the product (in this case a home)? By determining one or two types of buyers, […]