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How to Use Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year

Are you ready to go green in 2017? Pantone’s Color of the Year, a “vivid” yellow-green called, Greenery will be making a huge impact on home decor and housewares, from accents to furniture to paint.

Greenery, the color of flourishing foliage has spring coming early this year. Pantone selected this Color of the Year, based on research that determined everyone’s ready for a big, deep breath of air. This “refreshing and revitalizing shade is symbolic of new beginnings,” Pantone’s color experts explain. This green shade is being called ”nature’s neutral,” and goes with anything. 

I for one, love the color green – all shades! Now, I know what you may be saying, Greenery is a bit bright to play a major role in my home. I get it, yes it does remind me of Ghostbusters.

Or Hi-C’s infamous 80’s flavor…

And speaking of slime remember Nickelodeon’s show, You Can’t Do That On Television?


Now, while slime isn’t found in nature, many items do represent this natural color — like grass, leaves, green apples or limes. By taking a cue from mother nature using greenery from a real estate perspective, in small doses won’t necessarily offend buyers or detract from a home’s value because it’s a gender-neutral color that according to Pantone experts, “is emblematic of the pursuit of personal passions and vitality.” Here are a few ways to add greenery in your home (my tip mix it in with other greens like this in a room to tone down the bright hue. )

Using 2017 Pantone Color - Greenery



When used on an accent wall, kitchen backsplash or throw, it will refresh and energize the space. Try pairing it with warm whites and neutrals for a clean, fresh look or pair it with harmonious colors found in the fathomless palette below. As you can see though depending on how daring you are and your love for color — greenery can be paired with just about every hue.

What do you think about this hue of green? How will you use it in your home this year? Let me know in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you.

Happy Coloring,