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March 23, 2017
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Going Beyond Cleaning & Decluttering

When preparing a home for sale it’s important to look at all aspects of the home staging process. While many times cleaning and decluttering the property can provide a vast improvement, it’s not the only projects to check off the to-do list before putting a for sale sign in the front yard. Here are four unconventional home staging tips every home seller should consider to get the maximum return on their investment.

Every property has the potential to look expensive, but often times spaces fall short of the sales price because of the home’s features. To get a customized high-end look for less start by going neutral. Neutral colors as your base palette are a classic that offers a timeless appeal in any home. When mixing and matching whites, beiges and grays the color scheme creates an upscale look that’s easy to design with as the seasons change. Want a space that feels cozy too? Add luxurious textures and fabrics in your space that will have buyers reaching out for a feel. Go for faux fur, silk and fabrics that are thicker. Use luxurious textiles on curtains, pillows, even bedding. For more ways to create an expensive look in your home for less watch the video below.

It’s important for home sellers to be merchandise and market the home properly to sell quickly. When staging a property, home stagers set up vignettes — displays that can show a moment in time and often dress up a space to create a cozy, lived in feel. Vignettes can vary from room to room and can be determined based on who your buyer is and the lifestyle they want to lead. Items are not just haphazardly thrown together. Vignettes are usually grouped items in odd numbers with varying heights, shapes even colors. How can you get the perfect display in your home create a magazine look? Watch the video below.

Have a small room in your home? Home sellers need to make the rooms in their homes appear larger since home buyers are buying based on square footage. If you have a small room don’t overcrowd the space with lots of furniture, instead keep just the essentials in the space so there is enough room to walk throughout the space without bumping into the furniture. Items should have some space between each other and the walls, that’s why it’s important to keep items in proportion to one another. Space it out please. Give the illusion that your property is bigger, lighter and airy than it actually is.

You only have one chance to make a first impression and that judgement starts at the curb. Sellers tend to overlook things around their home because their used to it, but here’s wha buyers will notice touring a home. Before taking in a room’s view home buyers will notice how it smells. Smells can be a dead giveaway as to how the seller maintains the home. What does your home’s scent say about you? Make sure buyers can’t smell your pets or last night’s dinner. 

Buying a home is a huge investment and buyers want to feel they get the most space for their money. Remove clutter, large furniture and make sure furniture is arranged to maximize square footage. For small spaces make sure to use vertical wall space with built ins and shelves. For more ways to make a great first impression watch the video below.

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