Staging Makes a Difference

home staging

If you want to sell your home faster and for more than you were expecting, you must
Stage Your Home!!

Let’s get back to the basics of design.

In this four part lesson, we cover:

Lesson One

  • How to access your current décor
  • Why you can’t mix and match styles
  • The six design principles designers live by (and why they matter)

Lesson Two

  • Style enhancements by room
  • Some ideas about adding themes to your rooms
  • Analyzing the latest trends to incorporate into your space
  • Some of my favorite style resources to spark some ideas in your home

Lesson Three

  • The basics of furniture arrangement
  • Finding the right balance in a room and creating a conversation area
  • How to enhance traffic patterns in a room
  • Important measurements to follow when adding furniture to a room.

Lesson Four

  • Why most buyers don’t have pets
  • Pet damage to look for on the exterior
  • How to control pet danderRepairs to make on the interior
  • Dealing with pet odors and stains
  • Learning what to do with your loved ones.