November 5, 2015

Show Off Your Home This Holiday With Less Stress

Relax. Company’s coming. You have a million things to do…which do you tackle first? What gets put off to the side? And what never gets done? If you plan on reducing holiday stress this year it’s time to adopt some organizational strategies to make holiday preparation a breeze. I’m often asked, “how do I get it all done in my home” and honestly, we have a running joke with my neighbors who say, “you’re at it again,” as they pass by. Yes, we’re constantly working on our home (it’s kind of our zen), but the secret is if you plan and schedule a time, just a little everyday,  to maintain your home you feel a lot less stress when it comes time to entertain. You can focus on the little details and what’s on the menu verse scrubbing the floor or figuring out where to hide your clutter. Write It Down. Did […]
November 4, 2015

DIY Home Decor: Trunk Into Coffee Table

This week, I was apart of a FREE-I-Y Collaboration on Youtube, a bunch of Youtubers came together to create a FREE-I-Y, which is simply something you obtained for FREE and then you reuse, up-cycle of create something new from the piece. My FREE-I-Y was this blue-leather trunk. Well, it’s basically a box, but I wanted to give it more “trunk like” personality and turn it into my living room coffee table. I found this piece after our house flooded by Superstorm Sandy back in 2012. I wanted something that was durable, dual-purpose and wouldn’t get messed up by our animals.  So here is what you’ll need for this project: Small can of paint or stain Painters tape 1 inch paint brush or sponge brush Stencils Wood glue Tape Measure 4 table legs ( Set of 2 leather straps Shelf paper I started the project by using the wood glue to place […]
November 2, 2015

Tori Toth Shares Her Designer Insights on Terry’s Fabric Blog

To see the original interview click here and to check out other Designer Insights you can learn more here.  
October 30, 2015

Naughty or Nice? Selling Your Home During the Holidays

As the days begin to get shorter and winter slowly creeps in, the thought of preparing a home for sale takes a back seat to holiday decorating, hosting parties and finding that perfect gift. To many homeowners, selling a home during the holidays can sound stressful and may seem a bit pointless. The excuses are endless, “we’ll be interrupted during Thanksgiving dinner” or “nobody buys during this time of year” or my favorite “I won’t be able to enjoy our family traditions.” Selling your home during the holidays shouldn’t feel like an obstacle, rather look at is an opportunity. Here are a few important reasons to consider staking that for sale sign in your yard. Motivated Shoppers.  People who are looking for homes during the holiday season are serious buyers. They’re willing to alter their holiday schedules and deal with bad weather to get into a home. In most cases, they’re on a deadline to […]
October 26, 2015

The Power of Home Staging

Home staging is the act of preparing and showcasing your home for sale. Since 2009, I’ve been helping home sellers get their spaces market ready. I believe in the power of home staging because I’ve seen it work first hand. In the end of 2009, I opened up a New York City based home staging company called, Stylish Stagers, Inc. since then we’ve been helping homes sell faster and usually for more money! In fact in 2014, we helped sell homes 80% faster. If you want to get on (and off) the market with less headaches and hassles it’s important to take the time to stage your home prior to going on the market. Check out this recent infographic from UpNest, a website that helps create a cost-effective way for home owners to compare and hire real estate agents when they sell their homes.  The Length of Time a Buyer Spends Inside […]