July 28, 2015

Built My Summer Decor : She-Shed

This video was a collaboration video created by Cathryn Holt of Amateur Decorating Like a Pro we were asked to discuss what is our favorite summer past time to do, mine as well all know is tanning! I love the heat and spending my time outdoors at the beach or pool. The second part of this video we were asked to show-off a summer decor project we were working on and of course my project involves decorating a room, but this room is now an extension of our house. We created a she-shed, similar to a man cave but it’s for woman to have a spot in the home to call her own. In my she shed I used FLOR Carpet Tile to create a base on the floor. I used a dark gray commercial grade that will withstand the elements and last a long time. We spoke about using this […]
July 28, 2015

Join the Feel At Home Launch Team

So we thought let’s create a Launch Team of real readers willing to get Feel At Home out into the world! WHAT IS A LAUNCH TEAM? A launch team is a dedicated group of Tori Toth Helpers that will be willing to help announce the release of the book Feel At Home. They will help spread the word through blogs or websites, social media, and reviews on retailer sites. WHO SHOULD APPLY FOR THE LAUNCH TEAM? Are you excited to read Feel At Home and tell all your friends about it?Are you fairly savvy at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Do you have an active blog? Or another legit place of influence (newsletter editor, group leader, site manager, etc.)? If YES to the above, then apply here! WHAT WOULD I BE REQUIRED TO DO? 1) Read a copy of the book. Yay! 2) Engage with your friends and followers online by posting about the book before, during and after launch […]
July 28, 2015

How to Choose a Warm Blue Paint Color

Are you feeling blue? Maybe it has to do with the color blue you have in your home. Let me explain. Color is powerful and can sway your mood depending on it’s warm or cool hues. Reds, yellows, oranges and beige or creamy colors are WARM while Blues, greens and grays are COOL. Remember the color wheel from elementary school? But color can be tricky because some cool colors can actually feel warmer and that’s why this week I’m answering C Schaan’s question from Youtube who asks how do you pick a warm blue? Well, C Schaan every color has varying values some will appear brighter and others darker. Lighter colors have white more white in them and you guessed it the darker colors have more black in them. Usually the warmer blues are lighter and will have more yellow or green undertones in them. If you want to use a […]
July 28, 2015

Feel At Home, Yet? Our BIG Announcement!

It is with great pleasure to announce Feel at Home – my first ever book is available for pre-order. Selling a home is not only time-consuming, but consists of the daunting task of preparing your home to be ready to show at a moments notice to strangers, who won’t hesitate in judging the space. To avoid the consist negative criticism it’s important for a seller to master these easy home staging steps you’ll find in this book and create a scene buyers will find irresistible. You all can order your copy today: http://www.feelathomebook.com and thank you so much for your support! #FEELATHOME  #HOMESTAGING #HOMESTAGINGTIPS DISCOVER HOW TO GET YOUR HOME PREPARED FOR SALE. What if you could avoid spending time on the real estate market? What would it take to be a successful home seller? What will it take to start out and close a deal of a lifetime? Selling a home […]
July 13, 2015

$5 Goodwill Challenge -Summer Edition

$5 Goodwill Challenge- Summer Edition – It’s my first Collab!!!! Hilary from the channel My So Called Home has issued another Goodwill Challenge. You can see the entire challenge here and while you’re there make sure to subscribe to her page. I found a few home decor items I was able to use including a welcome sign, lantern and vase. Thanks for watching and sharing this video. GoodwillChallenge