July 13, 2015

Home Staging: Flooring Ideas

Recently, I’ve had a few of you message me about whether or not it’s a good idea to change out carpet and/or flooring in your home. My answer is an emphatic YES. Especially if you have any of these factors: Worn or outdated colored carpets Pet Odors According to the HomeGain 2012 Top Ten DIY Home Improvements, new carpet can bring you as much as 160% ROI (return on investment), while new flooring can bring you 110%. So, what should you install that won’t break the bank? Hardwood is always a good choice. You will always get a good ROI with hardwood floors. Floating Floor with an interlocking system is easy to install. Stick with a neutral color (no reds & blacks). Laminate flooring is great. Super easy to install and can be installed over most floors. Luxury vinyl plank is super popular right now. It functions and installs like laminate, and […]
March 17, 2015

Home Decor Trends 2015: How to Use Color Green

In honor of lepruchans, four leaf clovers and the luck of the Irish we’re celebrating green this week it seems fitting to dicuss how you can use green, a huge home decor trend in 2015, in your home. PSST…it’s one of my favorite colors by the way. There are many shades of green to choose from light to dark, yellowish green to blue greens to even gray greens. Regardless, of the shade you choose the color is uplifting and puts most people in a positive mood basically because when we think green we think of nature. Two greens are taking center stage this year in the home decor world– guilford green and olive green. Guilford green was announced as the color of year by Benjamin Moore. The paint company is calling guilford green, “a neutral color that is a natural. It’s a silvery green that works with all types of color combinations.” […]
March 9, 2015

Spring Cleaning Webinar– Sign Up

Is your place a mess? Don’t stress. Dust off those cobwebs, open the windows because spring has spring and it’s time to get expert advice on how to eliminate dirt quickly. SIGN UP HERE for Spring Cleaning Webinar Hi tori here from toritoth.com the place to be to create a home buyers will find irrestible. I am holding a very special, live and might I add free spring cleaning webinar, where I will help you learn how to clean your home efficiently, even if you hate cleaning. Let’s face it there is more to life than cleaning, but doesn’t it just feel and smell good when you walk into a freshly clean room? Or how about the sense of accomplishment, satisfaction or pride you have once you can see the results of your labor… So commit to cleaning, schedule it and reward yourself for a job well done. You’re going […]
March 2, 2015

Home Staging Creates Bidding Wars

As one of the hottest times to sell your home reaches on the calendar…many experts suggest bidding wars could become a trend this spring.  A bidding war happens when prices rises and supply or the number of homes on the market are low, there is not enough homes for those looking to buy. According to a recent report from The National Association of Realtors, the average supply of available homes for sale is 4.9 months, while in a normal market there is usually a 6 to 7 month supply. That’s proof demand is growing faster than supply. So, how can a seller take advantage of this and potentially find themselves on the best side of a biding war? Well, yes you should be priced right, but buyers don’t necessarily fall in love with a home because of price, usually its that feeling inside when they see that house, a house they […]
February 25, 2015

Homegoods Haul for Room Accessories

What can you find at Homegoods? Everything of course. We found something for the bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom and even the kitchen. HomeGoods is a chain of home furnishing stores operated by TJX Companies and has 400 stores across the United States as of September 2012. HomeGoods operates the home furnishings sections of T.J. Maxx ‘n More and Marshalls Mega Store stores. Check out all our home decor finds and Be Homegoods Happy…Did you just take a trip to home goods? Be sure to post a picture of your purchases on our Facebook Page . Happy Selling,