[Shop the Look] 15 Ways to Easily Transform Your Guest Room into a Cozy Retreat

by | Nov 9, 2017 | Decorating, Entertaining, Home

If you’re planning on entertaining overnight guests this holiday season, do you have a cozy retreat for them? An area for guests to call home during their short stay can make them feel welcome and more at home. Is your guest room up for the challenge?

Setting up a guest room can be easy, even if it’s only a temporary spot for guests to lay their heads. Our guest bedroom is currently “under-construction,” but we do offer occasional guests a pretty swanky set up in our entryway involving an air mattress, if they need a place to stay in the meantime. 
I’ve stayed in a few homes, where a guest’s designated spot can feel more like a nightmare than a pampered dream. That’s why I feel– it’s important to be a thoughtful, hospitable host taking the extra steps needed that your guests will appreciate. To ensure a stress-free visit — for both you and your guests here are 15 easy ways to transform your guest room into a cozy retreat that’s not expensive or difficult to execute at all! 

Dust Down the Room

Many times a guest room is not apart of our cleaning routine until it’s needed, not to mention, it can become a catch-all room that gets cluttered quickly. Before guests arrive schedule some time to clean the room from the ceiling to the floor. Work from the top down and from right to left in order to avoid missing a spot. Consider adding a subtle seasonal scent in the room with a candle, room spray or try a pillow mist to enhance your guest’s senses.  

Storage is Key

Your overnight guest will come with baggage, so make some room in a closet or drawer for longer stays (if available + needed) for guests to unpack. You’ll need some hangers, drawer liner and sachets to create a pretty spot for their belongings. Also, a luggage rack or bench to provide easier access to their belongings, rather than using the floor.

Bedtime Focus

It’s all about the bed when it comes to a guest room. The bed should be comfy and cozy, even if you’re working with an air mattress. Add some extra cushion with a feather bed mattress topper or memory foam this will make all the difference on a firm uncomfortable mattress. Have a variety of pillows on hand for your guest to choose from including: firm to super plush. Change the bedding before guests arrive and provide blanket options with different weight depending on the weather. To mimic the finest luxury hotels use 300-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets combined with a down comforter with a cotton duvet cover. 

Scene Stealers

To create a warm and welcoming space, you have to play with a variety of textures throughout the room. This can create a touching experience for guests they won’t soon forget. Use a furry throw on the foot of the bed or opt for a sheepskin rug under the bed to comfort their feet. You want to set the scene in your guest room that represents the season or why the guest is staying with you. For instance, Christmas is upon us. Try using birch branches, greenery and pinecones as a centerpiece on the dresser. Add a few arctic accessories or reindeer art. By adding a few key accessories in the room that you can change out depending on the event you can get guests into the spirit making it easier to entertain them. 

Guest Room Must-Haves

Tailor Lighting

Lighting can play a huge role in a guest’s sleep factor. Start at the window. Check to see how much natural light enters the room throughout the day and provide the proper window treatments to allow you to tailor the light to your guest’s needs. If possible, rig a light source to connect with the switch closest to the door so guests can easily turn on the light and avoid fumbling around the room. Strategically place a table lamp near the bed for easy access when resting. Whether you’d like to admit it or not, many are afraid of the dark especially when in unknown territory, so have add a night light in the room just in case.

Travel Essentials 

It’s inevitable that your guest may forget a hygiene essential or two, maybe even an article of clothing. Have extra toothbrushes, toothpaste and shampoo + conditioner on hand, along with other goodies like lotion, make-up wipes, a blow dryer, headache medicine and other personal care goodies tucked away neatly in a basket or canister for easy access. Other essentials to consider having on hand: extra towels, toilet paper and feminine products, a pajama set, slippers or socks, a bathrobe and even an oversize sweatshirt or sweater for unexpected weather. Another important essential is providing a charging station or having extra charges for their electronics. Come on who hasn’t forgotten that, right?

Personalize the Space

Add a personal touch to the room tailoring to your guest’s needs. Provide a welcome note, consider having a guest book to contribute to and read about other’s experiences. Have a card with the Wi-Fi password available, as well as the TV channels. At some salty and sweet treats in a basket that work with their allergies or dietary restrictions, even include their favorite beverage and always have water on hand. You can even provide their favorite reading material, maybe it’s a new book, home + garden magazine or the tabloids. 

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Are you entertaining overnight guests this holiday season? I’d love to hear how you make your guests feel at home. Please share which of these ideas you are planning to try for yourself, as well as any tips that have worked in your space.
Happy Entertaining,

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