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Daylight Saving Time: Lighting Up Your Home After Sunset

Are you ready to jump back one hour this weekend? While, I’m all for the extra hour when we turn the clocks back for Daylight Saving Time, I’ll never get use to total darkness come five o’clock. It’s so depressing for this summer girl who loves her vitamin D. 

Daylight Saving Time

Winter is the only season that can deeply affect a person’s mood. Not only are you trapped indoors but lower light levels during these months creates Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) in up to six-percent of people, causing depression, sleep disorder and lethargy. So, if you’re like me and dread this long time tradition, here are some tips to keep your home light and bright well after sunset.

The Power of Neutral Colors

Often times changing the color of a room can play a huge part on the psyche. You can do this by painting the walls or adding new neutral accessories in a bright hue. Neutrals colors don’t mean just white, gray or beige. Rather they’re light to medium colors that are elegant and allow you the flexibility to change up your décor for each season. When you use a neutral hue on your walls the light around the room reflects off the paint rather than absorbing into those saturated dark colors. This is especially true when you choose a paint with semi-gloss to high-gloss sheen. If you don’t want to paint your walls, than trying using white-colored accessories in your displays to help direct the eye to rest at these pure, clean, bright spots around the room. 

Reflective Materials

Speaking of reflections, consider adding items in your darker rooms that have reflective surfaces. Of course one item that comes to mind is a mirror. Place a mirror across from a light source, so the light will be more evenly dispersed around the room. Mirrored furniture and picture frames can also help direct light, as well as other items like crystal chandeliers, shiny metal accessories and even certain tile backsplashes. 

Being Transparent

Like reflective surfaces, transparent ones can also affect the light source. Transparent objects allow light to pass through them making them appear to be light and airy. Try switching out a wooden coffee table or side tables with a glass or acrylic one to see how much more space it creates in the room. 


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Light the Way

Simply changing out your light bulbs can set the mood and brighten up a space. Make sure your using maximum wattage bulbs, preferably clear ones. Try adding multiple light sources throughout the room to provide enough light during those long winter nights. Take into consideration how shades, glass covers & pendants can shield the light before purchasing. Cleaning your light fixtures and bulbs can also make a huge difference!

The Triangular Effect

In order to add drama and apple lighting to a space strategically place lamps around the room. The triangular effect uses three sources of light in varying areas in the room to essentially create a triangle if you drew it out on a floor plan. You can mix and match lighting fixtures to create this triangle. Remember, the more light sources you have in a room the more spacious it will appear. 

Daylight Saving Time

Time It Out

Often by the time we get home from our long daily schedules it’s already dark out. So, put an outdoor light fixture, as well as, one in the entryway on a set-timer or motion detector to welcome you home during this time of year. This is not only inviting, but this tip can be a safety pre-caution to avoid falls and unwanted guests. 

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