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I’m Tori, your Home Staging Advocate who helps promote the power of home staging and builds compelling relationships between home sellers, home stagers and real estate agents through increased visibility, education and marketing.

We supply people with marketing tools and resources to effectively leverage their position and message on the market. From brands to homes increasing visibility is key to gaining more opportunities that results in a sale.

Home staging is a strategic marketing tool for your biggest return on investment (your home) by focusing on home renovation and creative design. A home stager creates a lifestyle that buyers want to aspire to through methods of rearranging, organizing and in many cases adding or editing furniture and home decor.

We are best known for our how-to videos on home staging, as well as teaching home stagers to gain local authority by implementing various marketing tactics in their business.

“It’s our mission to make home staging a real estate standard around the globe by educating home sellers and real estate agents on the value of preparing a home for sale. While assisting my fellow home stagers with marketing their company properly to raise awareness locally and increase international visibility showing how home staging is a crucial tool in the real estate process.”

~ Tori Toth

Gaining a Competitive Advantage

Here is the deal:

I believe smart home sellers and real estate agents who want to win in today’s overcrowded marketplace MUST use home staging to stand out, market properly and persuade buyers.

How can you find the time to learn about preparing your home for sale…while working a full-time job…or while raising a family?

Rather than doing an in-depth Google Search on home staging, reading countless articles, and spending thousands of dollars of your hard earned money on a home staging services become apart of our COMMUNITY here (it’s free), and you’ll get PROVEN home strategies from me, Tori Toth, an award-winning home staging expert, best selling author & trainer!

And the best part? I’ll cut through the fluff, showing you exactly what works and how you can start implementing it in your own life now, so you can move on quickly and stress-free. Doesn’t that sound nice?

About Tori Toth…

Tori Toth is a renowned home stager and lifestyle authority, visibility consultant, trainer, YouTuber, blogger and international speaker whose clientele spans the globe. Her peers recently nominated her to be on the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) Board of Directors, as well as, recognized her for the fourth year in a row as one of RESA’s Most Influential People in Real Estate Staging. She works with homeowners, real estate agents and brands helping to “create an image that sells.”

Tori utilized her unique skills as a TV Reporter to position and market her company, as well as the home staging industry as a critical home-selling tool by creating a series of YouTube “how-to” videos, and is the Host of Home Staging TV, a YouTube Channel exclusively dedicated to the home staging industry, receiving over 2 million views.

She became an award-winning celebrity home stager shortly after opening the doors to Stylish Stagers, Inc. in 2009. She also inspires homeowners with a planning system that bridges the gap between their dream home and reality with Make It Home: The Ultimate Property Project Planner™ to stay on top of home maintenance tasks.

Her increased visibility as the best-selling author of Feel at Home: Home Staging Secrets for a Quick and Easy Sell inspired The Stage 2 Sell Strategy™, the world’s first home staging course developed exclusively for home sellers, available online utilizing on-demand video.

Tori has been featured in top media outlets including U.S. News & World Report, Realtor.com, CNN Money, Martha Stewart Living, The Today Show, Good Day New York, Oprah.com and MyDomaine.com.

By seeing firsthand what video has done for her, Tori has been invited to speak to thousands of professionals at home staging and real estate events discussing a range of topics including: home staging, mindset, decorating, visibility, online marketing and video marketing.

As co-author of the book Marketing for the Staging + Design Industry Tori shares her visibility expertise and is the creator of the new membership site Visible You Incubator™ and an online course called Video Visibility™ sharing her video marketing secrets and allowing small business owners, like home stagers, develop a comprehensive strategy to step outside their comfort zone build a marketing strategy and press “record.”

Tori proves that by broadcasting your message and leveraging your position on the market you can inspire others to take action. She has been consulting home stagers with their online marketing efforts since 2014 and now, it’s your time to share your story, influence your audience’s perspective to cue the life that you desire. Join our Facebook Group to get more visibility strategies.

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