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February 27, 2016
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Decorate with Pantone Colors of the Year 2016

When Pantone, the color authority expert, released their Pantone Colors of the Year – Rose Quartz & Serenity the choice was met by mixed reviews. The past few years the company has highlighted brights and jewel tone colors, so this decision to showcase the pastel duo was a huge shift.

How to Use Pantone's Colors of the Year in Your Home

Not to mention it was the first time Pantone has announced two colors as their color of the  year. The two colors are so often seen together that they are a natural pairing, explains Pantone, so why not show them off together?  These shades, which reminds many of  “baby colors” Pantone says, were chosen to convey rosy warmth and tranquility. So, how do you use these colors properly in your home, especially if you’re thinking of selling? Check out the latest article we wrote for For Sale By Owner click here or on the image below.


Want to see some more ways to use these colors in your home? Click here or on the video below to see examples of the colors on products and how they’re used in different rooms. Warning: don’t go crazy with these colors though or you’ll end up with a home that looks like the Barbie Dream House.

While you expect these colors to work well in your home during the spring season, I can’t wait to use them to spruce up summer decor in our home. The colors actually remind me of those seen in a sunset and sunrise, just before those deeper colors peek through. The dual colors chosen to represent this year will look fabulous paired with light woods, natural materials and brass in a summer cottage, bungalow or lake house.


Pantone Colors 2016 in Summer


What do you think of these colors and how will you use them in your home? Make sure to let me know in the comment section below I’d love to hear from you.
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