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September 1, 2016
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September 19, 2016

5 Ways to Decorate With a Rock Collection

As a home stager many times we’re telling home sellers to pack up their collections and remove their hobbies, but a rock collection could add interest to your home decor if displayed properly. There’s just something about a rock and mineral collection!

rock collection

September 16th is Collect Rocks Day, so if you’re someone who can’t resist picking up a pebble or two use this day to schedule time to search for those precious stones and add to your collection. 

I love using natural elements like rocks to add texture and color to any display in a home. Here are five ways to show off your rock collection:

Rock Hanging

This is a fun way to display your unique finds and a great do it yourself craft project for boys, according to Little Birdie Secrets who used an old frame, a piece of scrap paper and her son’s rock collection to create this interesting piece of wall art.


Photo by: Little Birdie Secrets

Frame Them

Rather than making the rock collection the art, use your rocks to frame images or a mirror to dress up boring ends. Check out how I used river rocks to bring this frame and photo to life for cheap.

Rocky Boot Tray

I love this idea to place your rocks in a tray, especially in the winter months to not only solve your boot storage problem, but to put your rock collection to work. Place the trays near the entryway or mud room for a convenient way to hold footwear and avoid tracking dirt into the home.

Paper Weight

Try putting your unique large stones on top of paper or a magazine stack to keep them in place. We use this gorgeous rock to keep our magazines in place on the coffee table in our living room.


Contain Them 

Use clear display cases like these below to add to your shelf or table in a living room, bedroom, even an office and use rocks that sparkle. You can even place smaller rocks in a bowl or basket to act as a filler. 


So take some time, explore nature and select that perfect rock.The rock could be big or small, a particular color or range of colors, smooth or rough, or have a unique characteristic. When it comes to rock collecting, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Comment below and tell me how you will add some precious stones to your home decor.

Happy Collecting,


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