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May 8, 2014
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May 8, 2014

Home Staging: Spanish Inspired Decor

 I recently returned from Arizona, a place I love and I think part of that reason is because of the Spanish inspired decor culture there, especially their food, architecture and decor. Well in honor of my trip and this week is Cinco De Mayo, a day for one of the most festive of fiestas, I figured it’s time to talk Spanish inspired home décor when staging your home.

This type of decor can be represented in many different ways, from Southwestern to Old World to a Mexican flair. Now, there are many throughout this country that can use this type of decor to stage their home, particularly in the Southwest like, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. I wish it was the style here in New York, but there are ways to use this decor strategically in homes outside of those states. If your home’s exterior has a Spanish influence then you can mimic that style inside. If it’s summertime you can also use the colors in Spanish decor to highlight certain rooms or bring in an relaxed, but festive feel. And speaking of festive you can also decorate for Cinco de Mayo.

So, let’s check out what type of Spanish inspired decor is out on store shelves today, you can easily find items in Homegoods, World Market, or one of my favorites…Pier 1 imports.

I found artwork that has color and patterns of Spanish influence, lanterns with blown glass and fabrics that could be found throughout the Spanish culture. I even found dishware in vibrant Mexican colors and patterns that can be used on Cinco De Mayo or anytime bring the fiesta to mealtime. Or take the Spanish influence to your tabletops with this Mexican tile found on a server, tables and even chairs.

For more ways to incorporate a Spanish flair in your home go to our Pinterest page at www.pinterest.com/toritothstager/spanish-inspired-decor.

And for more home staging tips to get you one step closer to the closing table be sure to check out our website  at www.toritoth.com.

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