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March 20, 2017
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MUST-SEE Spring Home Decorating Trends | Shop the Look Under $100

Spring is here according to the calendar, however, while writing this I’m watching the snow melt with a chill in my body. Even though mother nature may be up to her old tricks, I’m looking forward to swapping out our winter decor for some refreshing spring-like home accessories. Come shop the look to stay on trend in your home.


This is the season to clear out, clean up and embrace the lighter side of home decorating. Just like shopping for a few spring wardrobe must-haves your home can use a mini-makeover after being stuck inside all winter staring at the same four walls. I always find it intriguing by just changing up a few pieces or moving items around the room it can completely change the look. So, what should you be on the lookout for this spring? Check out these five home decor trends:

Make a Splash

Watercolor brush strokes continue to be a popular trend to play with home decor. The water downed colors provide a soothing, calmness to your decor that embraces the warmer seasons. Watercolor designs have moved past just being framed as wall art and can now be found on all different types of home decor items these days including throw pillows, rugs, clocks, shower curtains, bedding, blankets, dinnerware and practically anything else that you can imagine! Here are a few of my favorite watercolor home decor items that show a variation of different brush strokes, techniques and items to purchase.

[NOTE: While you can try to DIY these trends click on the images below to shop the look, ALL ITEMS ON THIS PAGE ARE UNDER $100.] 

Spring Home Decor: Watercolor Inspiration


Pastels with a Punch

A common staple for spring home decor are pastel colors, but don’t think baby room! Pastel hues have a whole new look when paired with bold colors and neon accents. So, try mixing a pastel in the same hue with a different tone than the main color of your room, or choose a soft contrasting pastel to your color palette to make a statement in any space.

Flower Power

Spring home decorating wouldn’t be complete without highlighting it’s beautiful blooms. There are many ways to celebrate the flower in home design from bold wallpaper to 3-D wall art, so even if you’re not a fan of flower patterns you can still adopt this trend into your space. The possibilities are endless when it comes to flower patterns so choose a size and color scheme that suits you. This trend blends design styles, creating a pleasant atmosphere that allows you to embrace mother nature.
Spring Home Decor: Flower Power


Marble Mix

Have you noticed white marble is trending? All you have to do is look online or at your local home decor store to see this classic being revived. Marble is an expensive material, but manufactures are substituting this luxe decor style with a ceramic lookalike to keep it cheap and chic. Find this trend on flower post, kitchen essentials, pillows, sculptures, even lighting. It’s everywhere, usually paired with an organic wood or gold metal. Don’t go crazy though with this trend!  Avoid having a cold, sterile room by mixing a few organic home decor elements to soften the look.

Spring Home Decor: A Marble Mix


Copper Tone

Metallics are still very popular, but copper will be the metal of choice for 2017 because unlike it’s counterparts silver or gold, copper gives an industrial chic warmth to any interior. You can go as bold or as subtle as you wish, integrating this warm metal into your home decor style to create a uniquely inviting look.

spring home decor

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Let me know in the comment section below which one of these trends you’ll try in your home this spring! We’d love to see photos too — so feel free to post those underneath the Facebook live video above. 

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