November 3, 2016

3 Ways to Hide Negative Features

Every room has positive and negative features, it’s what you do to downplay negative features that can make a buyer excited about your space. Take a look around the space you’re sitting in right now – is there a glaring eye-sore, repair or imperfection staring back at you? That’s considered a negative feature in a home. Now, if you don’t see an unsightly feature in the space, take a second look. Many times negatives are overlooked in a home because a homeowner either doesn’t want to see the issue, or they’re essentially wearing blinders and can’t see those details that may be unappealing to others. How can you remove those blinders? Home sellers should walk through each room of their home to critique the space as a buyer would and make a list of tasks or projects to complete. Here are some negative features you’ll want to take note of: Undesirable location of the […]
October 31, 2016

6 Last-Minute Halloween DIYs for the Home

Happy Halloween! Halloween is a great time for decorating your home. Many homeowners spend days, not to mention a small fortune, making their spaces look scary and fun. The truth is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money making your house look haunted.  Spook up your space with these cheap and easy DIYs. Let’s start with a few different illuminating ideas: Mason Jar Mummies To create this simple DIY candle holder you’ll need an odd number of mason jars with varying height. White ribbon or gauze, scissors, a hot glue gun and a small package of google eyes. Then you’re going to wrap the white ribbon around the mason jar a few times securing the material with hot glue. Once you’ve wrapped the jar add two google eyes to bring the mason jars to life. This project cost just under $10. Ghost Candles These ghost candles are simple […]
October 29, 2016

Lessons of a Superstorm

The night of October 29, 2012 changed our small beachfront community forever. Wind-driven storm surge from superstorm Sandy flooded the entire neighborhood leaving anything under five feet high submerged in the murky water. Recovery in Hamilton Beach, has been slow and steady, but we’re seeing our community skyline progress. As we walk through the neighborhood construction from superstorm Sandy continues. Homes are being knocked down, rebuilt and elevated to withstand future flooding thanks to the NYC Build It Back Program. It’s been a grueling process dealing with the program’s setbacks, but hope has been rekindled to neighbors here who have been in living in limbo, now that their seeing new home’s resurrect.  After the storm there was only two options: put a band-aid on your home and wait for the government to step in or flip the bill yourself, do the work and pray for a reimbursement. Being an impatient person, […]
October 27, 2016

Laundry Room Design Ideas to Spin For

The laundry room is a thankless space in a house that many take for granted, but if a machine breaks or worst yet doesn’t exist believe me you’ll surely notice just how functional and convenient a laundry room can be. So, how do you make room in your home for a luxury like this tight on square footage? It’s important to first consider a home’s layout and a family’s laundry habits to determine how much room is actually needed. In our home, there is only laundry for two and most of our clothes are dry clean only, but nonetheless, it was important to have a washer and dryer to easily complete this chore– especially, since we don’t have much room to pile our clothes up for the week and take it to the laundromat.  If you’re like me competing with a small space, I recommend repurposing a closet or an […]
October 24, 2016

Benjamin Moore Announces 2017 Color of the Year

After a year of white ruling the design world, Benjamin Moore is plunging deep into it’s color palette. The company recently announced it’s 2017 color of the year, along with 22 colors you can pair with this bold hue. While the 2016 color was Simply White OC-117, Benjamin Moore went with a color they describe as a rich, deep amethyst: Shadow 2117-30. It’s a saturated purple that works well with other jewel tones like ruby and emerald. “Allusive and enigmatic, Shadow is a master of ambiance. It is a color that calls to mind a ‘past,’ yet it can also make a contemporary, color-confident statement,” Ellen O’Neill, Benjamin Moore’s creative director, said in the announcement.  Shadow is part of a bolder “Color Trends” palette that Benjamin Moore says reflects consumers’ newfound level of confidence in using deeper, saturated colors. Need inspiration? From pale and muted to saturated and deep this color works with everything.   How did they […]