Home Decorating Tips: 6 Ways to Decorate for Fall

by | Oct 14, 2021 | Decorating, Home

This time of year is bittersweet for me transitioning into fall home decor. I L-O-V-E summer and never want it to end, but the cooler air is creeping in, the days are getting shorter, my pool will be closing soon and it’s time to trade in flip-flops for boots. As we begin to embrace the fall, how do you decorate your home for the season?

I’ve recently swapped my summer decor with more fall inspired accessories throughout key areas of my home. Let me share with you six ways I decorate for the fall that you can use whether you’re selling or staying in your home:

6 Fall Home Decor Tips to Celebrate the Season

Play With Bringing in Seasonal Color

fall home decor tip

Consider changing out your summer colors with more deep-toned saturated colors that you would find in fall foliage. Try contrasting complimentary colors for maximum impact. Stick with cool colors, like blues, purples, and greens, to compliment different shades of red, orange, and yellow. Use color in your home decor, flowers or even in accent furniture.

Bold colors aren’t your thing? Go neutral.

Use white or green pumpkins to decorate with. Rather than opting for the saturated hue choose a more subtle shade of the same color, for instance bright orange can be swapped out for a faded coral or pink.

Use More Natural Elements

Fall is the time when nature puts on a show and many enjoy scheduling outdoor activities. Don’t forget to bring the outside into your home. Use more natural elements like branches, flowers, pumpkins, fruit, wood-inspired accessories and materials. When decorating your home for the holidays, especially when selling, use natural elements that inspire a particular season rather than a religious view or gaudy decor (I will say there is a time and place for everything, but NOT when selling a home). It’s hard to imagine buyers receiving a good vibe on a home if they’re walking up to the door surrounded by a makeshift cemetery. Plus, they may get distracted with the holiday décor and overlook the home.

Not selling your home during this time? Then feel free to decorate your home how you see fit. Grab some inspiration from my past fall home decor videos here.

Add Lots of Texture With Textiles

Time to change out the linen and silk fabrics, for burlap, plaid or more durable textures that are soft to the touch and tempts you to curl up to read a book or start a cuddlefest. Avoid using the same textures in a space at once, especially if you’re using one tone decor like white on white. This will help create more interest in the space.

Change Out Photos + Artwork to Celebrate the Season

I usually remove our summer photos and artwork to replace them with our family interacting in fall activities, like at the pumpkin patch, fall scenery and choose abstract artwork that has deep-toned colors. Check out the shelf I designed a few years back with me stuffing a turkey, the buffalo image was from Target and a picture of a man I photographed hanging out on a cool day in Central Park.

Spruce Up Fall Home Decor in Guest Rooms + Entertaining Areas

fall home decor tip

Usually these rooms are neglected during the summer because you’ve been focused on entertaining outside. Don’t forget these areas, schedule some time to add seasonal decor, make sure there is enough seating when entertaining and a comfy, cozy place for guests to sleep. Change out sheets or sham covers for ones with fall-inspired hues, add furnishing that can serve multiple purposes and seek out festive dishware and napkins in patterns, such as gingham, plaid, or houndstooth.

Welcome in Fall Scents to Enhance Coziness

The scents of fall can instantly change the feel of your home. Choose apple-cinnamon, vanilla, pumpkin spice or citrus cilantro to enhance the smell of the season and inspire emotion.

What’s Your Favorite Fall Home Decor Accessory?

We’d love to hear what piece you can’t live without when it comes to decorating for Fall. Share your answer on our Facebook page here.

Happy Decorating,

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~ Maria Robbins, Homeowner