"Home Goals" to Conquer in 2020

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The new year provides the perfect excuse to set new “home goals” that   can help you improve your mental and physical well-being. From getting organized to cleaning to repairs or trying something new, make 2020 your best year yet with these home goals.

When building your master to-do list, choose a good mix of home goals that can tackle different areas of the home, vary in budget, project duration and have a scale of skills set required. This way you conquer multiple projects during a variety of times throughout the year to maximize your efficiency to schedule what you can accomplish and hire a professional for the rest.
Whether you rent or own, keep an ongoing master list of projects and ideas you’d like to get done to feel more at home where you dwell. The list can contain manageable small items like painting a room or changing a light fixture to more complex improvements for instance, remodeling a kitchen or replacing the roof. How do you create this list? Use what I like to call “buyer’s eyes” to assess each room in your home. See how we use this technique to start making our home goals list in our own space.

When assessing each room pay attention to the first impressions felt as you look from the top down. Consider asking yourself the following:

  • What do you think or feel when standing in this room?
  • Is the scale of the objects in the room in proportion to one another?
  • What distracts you in this room? Is it positive or negative?      
  • Is the overall feeling dark or light and bright?
  • Does the room need repairs or updates?
  • Will a buyer or guest feel comfortable and welcomed in this space?

By answering these questions you can determine the feeling of the current space, the focal point of the room,whether updates or repairs are required, what home habits you may need to work on, and how everything in the space correlates with one another. Here is an example of the items we determined we should focus on in our entryway:

  • Proper ventilation on roof ????
  • Re-tape ceiling
  • Wallpaper or paint ceiling
  • Clean light fixture
  • Touch up paint front door
  • Fix screen door
  • Touch paint on walls
  • Add built-ins ????
  • Add panel curtains ????
  • Organize coat closet
  • Secure radiator with new clips + hardware
  • Refinish wood floor ????

As you can see we started at the ceiling and worked our way down to the floor to determine possible projects to work on. Some are easy tasks that can get conquered in a day or a weekend, while others may require some more thought or research to determine if it’s a task we want to conquer. You may be asking what’s the “????” these are items that we’re not sure about, they’re a possibility or we need more information to make a decision if we want to complete the task.

Just brainstorm every possibility and jot it down on your master to-to list don’t worry about the cost, how much time it will take or how it will get accomplished.  

After you create a master to-do list for each room then go back through the items to determine what home goals you will tackle this year. You can keep track of all with our NEW Home Planner.  Make It Home:The Ultimate Property Project Planner is the only planner that allows you strategize, design and maintain your property while accomplishing daily life tasks that will help build habits and keep your home aligned with your lifestyle and of course, conquer those home goals. Grab Your Copy Here.

By having this planner, it allows you to revisit your home goals list daily to track and cross off what’s been accomplished and add new tasks to the list. What’s on your home goals list right now? Let me know in the comments below.
Happy Planning,


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~ Maria Robbins, Homeowner