4 Mistakes You're Making While Organizing a Home

by | Jan 30, 2020 | Decorating, Home, Home Staging, Lifestyle, Staging

If you’re like most people, you’ve had good intentions to organize your home this year — but, is your technique on achieving this goal really working? If your closets are still a mess, cupboards & drawers overflowing and surfaces cluttered then you may be making one or more of these home organizing mistakes.
To help you conquer your home organizing goals, let’s explore a few reasons why you’re home is still cluttered and how you can take action this weekend to improve your home’s quality of life.

MISTAKE # 1: Being Unrealistic About Your Possessions

Parting with your items for some may be difficult. Many feel that they will need the item at some point, so they keep it — and in most cases misplace the item never truly using it again. This hoarding mentality builds up clutter quickly. Rather than feeling guilty or obligated to keep an item because of your mindset ask yourself:

  • Does this item support my current goals and lifestyle?
  • Will the item promote the vision you have for your home?
  • Is the item meaningful or functional to complete daily tasks?

MISTAKE # 2: Edit First Before Organizing

Many times people think they’re organizing, but simply storing clutter in a box and labeling it, does NOT mean it’s actually organized. Organized clutter is still clutter and can make anyone frustrated and give up. Take one room, one closet, one shelf and go through each item weed out outdated, broken and unused items by using the pile system. Not sure where to start? Answer these questions:

  • Have you used the item in the past year?
  • If, it’s broken is it worth being fixed?
  • Does this item serve a purpose in your life?
  • Is it difficult or expensive to find again?
  • Do you love it?
  • Can you use or reuse this item in the future?

Watch our latest home organizing series below (4 Videos Included). 

MISTAKE # 3: Not Creating a Home 

One reason clutter can grow out of control in a home is because your possessions don’t necessarily have a designated place. It’s important to zone your possessions by grouping like items together by what it is and how you use the item. When every item is assigned a home, it’s easier to return the item back to it’s designated place after use. Everything in your home must have a place that is easily accessible and in a location that coordinates with the room. For example, in a kitchen pantry the shelves should be filled with items you’d need in a kitchen. Maybe one shelf is small appliances, one area for canned goods, another for non-perishables. So inside the pantry there are different sub-categories to organize items. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when determining where to place an item:

  • How often will you use it?
  • Does it belong in this space?
  • Is there enough room?

Keep items that you use often between neck and knee height for easy access and consider labeling the different areas in the space so your entire family knows where each item goes.

MISTAKE # 4: Lack a storage plan

 A huge part of organizing involves finding storage products that will fit the items your looking to store as well as your lifestyle. The problem is people often head to the store without an actual plan or idea of what they may need. First go shopping around your home to see how you can reuse storage containers you may already have lying around or can be better utilized. Then make a list of the items you need, take into consideration the measurements of the space and if you need storage that’s clear or with a lid. 
Remember organizing is an ongoing process, it’s a habit that takes time to adopt and your organizing goals may evolve depending on your current needs. Without a clear vision the process can be stressful. Don’t forget by tackling your clutter the house will always look cleaner. Comment below and tell us what area in your home you want organized.
Happy Organizing,


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~ Maria Robbins, Homeowner