[VIDEOS] Home Organizing: Truth Behind Living in a Clutter-Free Space

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There is no place like home when it’s organized. Did you know you don’t have to live with the clutter around you? You can make a conscious decision, right now, to live in a clutter-free home and stay on top of the mess by implement a few of these home organizing strategies.
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We recently shared why clutter maybe building up in your home and how a combination acknowledging its presence and obtaining home pride you can begin to declutter your life – both mentally and physically. If you missed the first part of The Truth Behind Living in a Clutter-Free Home than read the post here before continuing with these strategies.
One of the biggest problems homeowners face is dealing with clutter and cleanliness. When a homeowner hears those two “C” words, they tend to twitch and immediately get defensive about their private space. If this sounds like you, it’s important to understand this process doesn’t have to feel overwhelming or like a painful never ending task. 

What’s Staying?

Once you realize why clutter is building up in your home, it’s time to start decluttering using the pile method and assign a home for everything that’s staying.

 Assigning a Home

When an item is assigned a home, it’s easier to return that particular item back into it’s proper space. Everything in your home should have a designated place. That spot should be determine on how easily accessible the item needs to be, as well as, in a location that coordinates with the room. For instance, coffee mugs should be in a cabinet near the coffeemaker or your toilet paper should be stored near the toilet. The items need to be useful in the home you choose, make sense?
Here are a few questions to ask yourself when determining where to place an item:

  • How often will you use it?
  • Does it belong in this space?
  • Is there enough room? 

Make sure to group like items together and keep items that you use often between neck and knee height for easy access. You could even go one step further and label the different areas in the space so your entire family knows where each item goes.

One other tip, rather than use an item and then leave it on a convenient surface – put the item back immediately in its home. This will avoid having your surfaces cluttered and an extra step when cleaning.

Containing Your Home

Finally, once you know where each item’s home will be, can you easily contain the items with a clever storage solution? This is where you can also get creative to make your space more function and design friendly. 

Which Storage to Choose?

 A huge part of home organizing involves finding storage products that will fit the items you’re looking to store, as well as, your lifestyle. First go shopping around your home to see how you can reuse storage containers you may already have lying around or ones that can be better utilized in a different space.
Here are a few tips when choosing the right storage:

  • Reuse what you already have
  • Measure
  • Having a lid verse no lid
  • Pattern boxes
  • Go for a basket
  • Acrylic bins
  • Look for quality pieces
  • Label it all 

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Let me know in the comment section below what you plan on organizing in your home this year! I’d love to hear from you…
Happy Organizing,

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