How to Arrange Furniture to Maximize Space When Staging a Home

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An important step in the staging process is maximizing space by arranging the furniture properly. A great arrangement will help buyers see a room’s potential and flow as they walk through the space with ease.
Check out how we changed the look of this 1-bedroom apartment in the West Village by rearranging the furniture and adding a few key pieces to create a cohesive feel that got this property SOLD in record time. One of the apartment’s major flaws that the Realtor and I both agreed on was the furniture in the living areas was not inspiring a certain lifestyle.
We wanted to avoid overwhelming the room with furniture, so we used a combination of the owner’s current pieces while incorporating some rental furnishings into the space.

What We Did…

Prior to home staging the only furniture in the living room was a futon and an Ikea coffee table. The room lacked balance because all the furniture was on one side of the room. The space wasn’t functional how could you watch TV, entertain or have a conversation? There wasn’t enough furniture in this room and the futon was making it feel more like a studio than the living room it needed to be. The sales price of this home is $600,000 so we need the space to reflect that price tag.
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In this transformation we removed the couch, plus rearranged and in some cases removed the accessories. We added a gray rental couch, so it would stand out against the white walls. We reused the coffee and side table the owner had and switched the rugs. We used the white rug so the couch would become the focal point. We balanced the other side of the room with a TV stand and a funky white chair (not pictured). We also added a chair near the built-in, which could be used at the desk or faced towards the couch when entertaining.

Use a Floor Plan to Arrange Furniture

Before furnishing any room, draw out the floor plan and separate the room into four quadrants. There should be an even amount of items in each section. We also need to make sure there is enough empty space for the buyer to get from point A to point B. Try to avoid placing furnishings in the traffic pattern that would create an obstacle to maneuver around. It’s also important to make sure the focal point is highlighted in the room. To determine the focal point, figure out the purpose of the room.
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Let’s Look at the Bedroom’s Focal Point

In the bedroom the space is small, so we rented a full bed with a headboard, and a nightstand which is the focal point of the room. We chose not to add a footboard because it would eat up square footage and we decided to put the bed against the opposite wall under the window this way two people could access the bed. Now we put the nightstand on that side of the bed, so it would lure buyers in from the doorway, and it’s also more accessible on this side, not to mention on the opposite side of the bed near the bottom was a shelf under the window. The key was balancing the bed on each side.
So let’s recap how to arrange furniture:

  • Avoid having too much or not enough furniture in the space.
  • Make sure to have the right scale of furniture that fits the room.
  • Create balance in the room by using a floor plan and sectioning off 4 areas.
  • Be aware of the traffic patterns in the room.
  • Make sure to emphasize the focal point by determining the function of the room.
  • Remember to have space between each piece to walk easily. Also have multiple seating areas, if it justifies the function of the room.

Follow these tips when arranging your furniture for a sale and you’ll be one step closer to the closing table. For more home staging tips check out our best-selling book, “Feel at Home: Home Staging Secrets for a Quick and Easy Sell.” We go step-by-step sharing with you exactly how to properly get a home prepared for sale — and share more about arranging furniture in chapter six.
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~ Maria Robbins, Homeowner