[VIDEO] How to Revive Your Home's Exterior After Winter

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As temperatures rise, so does a homeowners interest to take on projects outside. But, what projects should be on your to-do list to spruce up your space and make the biggest impact? Let’s discuss.



Earlier this week, as we were walking to the gym under sunny skies and mild temperatures, I took note at those in my neighborhood outdoors tackling exterior projects on their properties. Some were making roof repairs, others digging holes for their fresh flowers and even sweeping their stoops. Here are five ways to revive your home’s exterior after winter.


 Property Repairs + Improvements

After the winter thaw and spring storms, it’s important to assess the structure of your home. Take a look at your property from the top down.  What do your property’s trees look like? Do they need pruning? What about an infrastructure staple, like the roof, windows or foundation? Pay attention to any leaks, cracks or missing parts that could create more damage. Also, look around your property line for cracks in driveways and walkways. Fences too may need to be re-secured or require touch up paint. You should be promoting desirablecurb appeal.
revive your home's exterior

A Stroke of Paint

Speaking of paint, just like on the inside of your home, the outside will benefit from a fresh coat of paint. It’s an easy, cost-effective way to update your property. Look for paint pealing on your siding, fences and concrete. Evenhardware, like your mailbox, house numbers and front door can benefit from a facelift, if they’ve been out in the elements for a few years. Just remember, if you’re going to add this to your to-do list make sure to conquer this task on a non-humid day, for quicker drying time.

Exterior Cleanse

Scrubbing the entire exterior of your house by hand is insane and a waste of time. Use a power washer (you can rent from your local hardware store) to quickly eliminate years worthy of grim, dirt and mold. I power wash my home every year from the siding to the fence to the concrete, everything gets a once over. You also want to check the gutters, wash windows, outdoor kitchens or grills and of course your outdoor furniture, where you’ll be spending most of your time this summer.
revive your home's exterior

Spruce Up Landscaping

The spring and summer months are a favorite time of many gardeners – there’s lot of work to do preparing agardenfor growth. The temptation will always be to jump right in and get started, but there’s some ground work to be done before you actually start planting, for instance, you’ve got to nourish and treat your soil right before you start the real work.
This article from Gardeners Path goes through everything you’ll need to prepare your garden for planting and growth. Also, check your yard and dispose of any out-of-place items before fertilizing + seeding your grass, planting flowers and laying down mulch.
If you lack a yard, try a container garden of plants, flowers, vegetables or herbs. I recently contained a bunch of summer flowers in our pots located on our front gate’s pillars. Click here or on the image below to see how to create these simple planters.

Let There Be Water

Turning your water on is the official sign warmer temperatures are here. Many times garden hoses need to be replaced, reattach hoses to make sure they haven’t sprung a leak. Check your sprinkler system to ensure it’s functioning efficiently so grass and plants stay hydrated throughout the season. Also, refill water features and pools to replenish that zen-like feeling in your yard.
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What outdoor exterior projects do you have planned to revive your home’s exterior after winter? Leave me a comment or feel free tocontact us, I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Planning (+Prepping for SUMMER!),

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