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May 25, 2017
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June 5, 2017

Mid-Year Crisis: Are You On Track for Success in 2017

Can you believe it’s June already? I think I’m having a mid-year crisis, how about you? If you’re feeling a bit defeated about not accomplishing a goal or adopting that new habit or resolution you set back in January — don’t worry it’s time to reset and get back on track for success in 2017.

While, I don’t necessarily set big yearly resolutions, I do make a loose list of ideas and goals I’d like to accomplish throughout the year — and to be quite honest, I haven’t crossed many off the list because I extended my seasonal position   at Pier 1 Imports, which has been eating up more and more of my time.

mid-year goals

Needless to say, I recently quit because even the 25% discount wasn’t incentive enough for me to continue to loose focus. I’ve been using the position as a crutch or distraction and it had to end! Do you have a roadblock like this effecting your 2017 goals? It’s time to take action and ask yourself some tough questions:

  • Do you have to give something up to make the goal happen?
  • Why did you want to accomplish the goal on your list? 
  • What was the original intention and is it still what you want?
  • Who can support you to help tackle the goal?
  • Where can you gain motivation and encouragement?
  • How will you feel once you take the first step? Visualize the goal done.
  • When will you complete the goal? Give it a deadline.

 Re-Evaluate the Situation

When I first started Pier 1 Imports six month’s ago it was a temporary seasonal position to get me out of the house, interact with potential clients and make some extra cash for the holidays, plus upcoming travel plans. I thought I could also learn more about doing videos and guest posts for the company. Goals must provide us with the opportunity to grow. While management loved my work ethic, giving me more and more hours — it was never my intention to move up the career ladder in the store. I found myself working more in the store than in my company missing opportunities and deadlines, so the moral of this story is re-evaluate to make sure your goals reflect what’s important to you now. 


I could be hard on myself for falling behind, but dwelling on what I didn’t do (a blog post, video and chapter of a new book)  isn’t going to get me any closer to achieving my goals, so tell yourself right now you’ve chosen to recommit yourself to the goal and list out every task that needs to be completed in order to conquering that goal.

Schedule It

Whether your goal is to finish that home improvement project, get to the gym or make more money now’s the time to pull out your planner and pencil it in. Make sure to add important deadlines, tasks you need to accomplish first before hitting a deadline or conquering the goal, plus everyday tasks that you need time for like taking the kids to soccer practice or date night. Earlier this year I spent some time with a childhood friend, Meg Wallace who has her hands full now with five children, learn how see manages to schedule it all and stay sane by checking out this do it yourself frame calendar we created in the video below.

 Make It Actionable

We need to make our goals specific and actionable. So for instance, I want to write another book (look for it out in November). What are the steps I need to accomplish this? I need to research, make an outline, write out the chapters, schedule time with a publisher, copyrighter — you get the point. Look at every goal and make sure it consists of action items that can be crossed off, rather than just having the words write a book on a goal list. 

Now it’s your turn take action. Create your revised list of goals and action steps then send it to someone who will keep you on track. Don’t forget to organize your work-life balance and set aside some time for FUN it is summer after all. 

Happy Scheduling,

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