It’s that time of year again, where Sal (my husband) has to head into the eaves and grab all the Christmas decorations and make a christmas village…it’s a job he just loves (not!) Some of the boxes he pulls out as he hits his head on the ceiling is filled with tiny ceramic houses and shops.
christmas village
We began collecting props to build a Christmas Village a few years ago and every year we add a little bit more to build upon our village, more houses, more people, more trees and a taco truck (yep, it’s true!).
So, how do you properly put a Christmas village together that doesn’t look like clutter and corrals all the moving parts of a village? Consider these eight tips before constructing your village:

Christmas Village Tips # 1: Determine a Location

First you want to consider where you will be placing your village.  The space has to be big enough to display your decor and has to close to an outlet for easy access to electric so the village can shine bright. You’ll need to clear the space of the existing decor to make room for your village.

Christmas Village Tips # 2: Varying Heights

I think it’s important to vary the height in your village, so it not only looks real, but adds some depth and personality to the village. I used styrofoam discs to create the different heights.

Christmas Village Tips # 3: Let It Snow

You want to us a snow roll as a base to ground your village and create one cohesive look. Also try using fake snowflakes that have a glittery shine to it, so the snow looks a bit more realistic.

Christmas Village Tips # 4: Hide the Logistics

Most village houses are operated with an electric plug, rather than batteries. It’s important to hide the house’s wire, by burying them in the snow. Basically poke a hole through the snow and snake the wire through.

Would you rather watch how I build our Christmas village and use these tips to guide me? Click below.

Christmas Village Tips # 5: Corral the Wires

Speaking of wires use chord catchers from Good Grip (similar product) or even zip ties to neatly tuck wires away behind the furniture.

Christmas Village Tips # 6: Maximize Your Outlet

We use a surge protector to plug in multiple items all in one area. In fact to make this process as simple as possible we use a remote control outlet so we can put on Christmas village with a touch of a button. You can also use a timer outlet, if you automatically want the village to go on and off at a certain time of day.

Christmas Village Tips # 7: Open Space

Give your village some room to breath by spacing out the structures so it looks visually appealing and the eye has a chance to take in all the detail of one house before looking at another. 

Christmas Village Tips # 8: To Scale

The last thing you should do is stand back and make sure all the items you are using are to scale with one another. Basically scale refers to overall size and proportion refers to relative size. Scale and proportion principles help the viewer organize an image and they can be used to create or minimize points of emphasis. 
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christmas village tips
Let me know if these tips help you build your Christmas village in the comments section below. Also, please feel free to post a photo of your village here or over on our Facebook Fan Page, I’d love to see them!
Happy Holidays,