Sharing a Space: Staying Relaxed During a Move

by | Dec 13, 2018 | Decorating, Home, Home Staging

Moving can feel like a tough challenge, especially if you’re moving in with someone else. Whether moving into a new home together, or simply updating one of your current spaces to call home, how can you make the most out of this stressful time with your significant other?

It’s an exciting new phase in your life but without proper planning, it could end up in heartbreak and financial disaster. Here are a few quick tips to consider when embarking on a fresh, new space that’s just for two. 

Proper Planning   

Before moving on, you need to deal with your current living arrangements. Do you lease or own a property? If you lease, notify your landlord and plan properly to avoid buyouts for early move outs. Selling a property, before moving into your new space has its own set of challenges and you want to get a head start on the sales process. Preparing and showcasing the home prior to market with home staging will be vital to your success if you’re on a tight timeframe or you’re looking for the biggest return on your investment. Home staging will help you decide what to donate, keep, and pack. For instance, pack up personal belongings ahead of the sale — like family photos or your doll collection 😉 so that a potential homebuyer can envision themselves living in the property. 
Here is a property properly staged by JSquared Interior Staging and Design in Richmond, Virginia. The team brought in transitional pieces to appeal to the buyers tastes and create this welcoming dining room.

Photo by: Rene Scott for www.JSquaredRVA.com Wall Art provided by www.Arhaus.com

Invest in Cozy Furniture

Just as important, decide what new items you and your partner will need. Create a list of items to help merge both of your design styles together (Yes, ladies you should be considerate of adding masculine items into the decor too!) Start with the bigger pieces of furniture that will help create focal points in your new space. You and your significant other will want to look for quality furniture to invest in your new home together. By searching for new items you are both spending time together, and also creating a space that is reliable, comfortable that could grow with your family. If you are struggling with where to begin, don’t be afraid to reach out to a professional decorator, like us, who can sit down with you and your partner to help you design the space of your dreams.

Photo by: Rene Scott for www.JSquaredRVA.com Throw Pillows and Lamp provided by www.Arhaus.com

A Friendly Invite

Recruit your friends to help you move into your new space, I know easier said, than done. Asking someone to help you move is a favor. Of course, your friend does not have to say yes, but they could if you schedule your move-in day properly and reward the team. Think of a moving, like planning a party. Schedule a time when you know all your guests can attend. Send out an invite weeks ahead of time, rather than being last minute. A team of eager family members and friends ready to go will help make the move easier. Also, have a well-planned list of tasks and items to get accomplished. Not to mention, everything should be boxed and labeled appropriately ahead of time. And once the move is complete show your gratitude with drinks and food for everyone.

Stick to a Routine

One last tip to keep stress levels down during a move is to stick to your normal schedule as much as possible. Make home cooked meals together, regardless of the boxes being unpacked. Go to work, hit the gym, unwind with your favorite essential oil or candles — do you and schedule time each day to unpack until you have a space that feels at home to create new memories for years to come. 
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~ Maria Robbins, Homeowner