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Top 5 Wall Decorations That Will Amaze You Upon First Glance

Wall decorations are never easy! When it comes to decorating the walls of your home; the trends have changed a lot over recent years and you might confuse yourself as to how you should go about decorating the walls to create that extra WOW factor.

These days; the color patterns, the choice of wall paintings and the ornaments that should be hanging on your walls matter and speak volumes about your personality. So, make sure that you do some research to explore all your options before hammering a whole in the wall. Here are five wall decorations that will leave you mesmerized if you add them to your home.

Wood Art

Wood art adds to the natural beauty of a room because of it’s organic look and feel. Assemble a couple of potted plants on the shelves adjacent to the wall where the wood art is displayed. Aesthetically speaking; it will give your room the perfect welcoming home feel.

What’s In a Theme?

Wall decoration with a theme is especially popular when it comes to decorating the rooms of your kids. Although adult wall art themes are also available in the market but while decorating kids’ rooms; you have many choices in hand. Be it their favorite super hero, a cartoon character they love, a specific hobby they go for or simply because you have to decorate it; you can opt for a themed wall art and your kids will love it.

Go Abstract

This just never goes out of style! Whether you choose to hang abstract art on the wall or just paint them with different strokes of color patterns to make them look like one; both the ideas will give your a room an unmatched and unique appeal. 

Pop of Color

 As implied by the name; this is a very chic and stylish wall decoration that can give your room that extra edge of beauty. It is a relatively new trend in home décor and is not very common. Since people are a bit skeptical about the power of this pop; mix the color with a lot of neutrals. You can even match the wall art with the beddings and curtains in your bedroom.

Make a Pattern

Don’t get confused by the name of it. It’s as simple as that! Choose a pattern for instance an old city theme or a theme of a world map and transform it into a wall art in your room. It’s a relatively new concept, but it has become quite a rage in a very short time and those who love to decorate their walls ever so often are endorsing this creative idea very well. So, check it out today!

Photo by: Pixers.net

This post is written by Julie Austin. She loves traveling, home decorating and hanging out with her friends. She regularly blogs at www.mybedcomforter.com