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Key Words That Matter in a Property Listing to Sell Quickly

Choose your words carefully when it comes to listing a property. Neighborhood and property characteristics can positively influence the sale of a house when presented properly.

words matter property listing

The right phrase could create a buzz that will navigate more buyers to the home for sale and expedite the selling process overall. Words matter, so create an effective listing description that highlights the positive features by utilizing the following tips: 

Lengthen the Listing

Listings as long as 250 words tend to sell at higher prices,according to the 2015 book “Zillow Talk.” Pay close attention to the first 10 words to help grab a potential buyer’s eye. Craft a well-worded listing before putting your home on the market. It’s a matter of selling or staling on the market.

Tell Stories With Emotion

It’s important to paint a picture of what it would be like to live in the home to heighten the buyer’s interest. An eat-in kitchen island becomes a family hub to get multiple tasks done daily, or a large yard can become the perfect staycation spot buyers are looking to escape to. What is the story of this image?

Choose Your Words Wisely

In 2016, a million listings that closed that year word choices was reviewed by one analytics firm that found phrases like “open concept” and “natural light” closed more quickly, while listings with “ceramic tile” and “two story” stayed on the market longer. Analysts revealed that four word pairs associated with quick closings included “fence” references, indicating that privacy may be a top priority for buyers.

Highlight Brand Names

Move past mentioning the basics like square footage and the number of bedrooms. Rather, acknowledge brands that will stand out from the competition. Everything’s fair game — from appliances to fixtures to architects who helped with the last renovation, so get comfortable name-dropping in the description section.
What words or features would make you interested in turning a listing online into a potential home? Let me know in the comment section below. If you’re planning on selling your home some, it’s time to get prepared check out our online home staging video course, The Stage 2 Sell Strategy. 

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