5 Essential Ways to Conceal Wires at Home

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By Rachel Stinson, Freelance Writer
When you move into a new space it’s important for everything to look as sleek and stylish as ever, including all those fancy technological connections entertaining us, not to mention keeping us informed about the world around us.
Furnishing aside, if you’re someone whose into electronics you want to pull out all the stops. Surround sound, home theatre, computers, TV’s, top quality speakers are a MUST in any home, the only problem is setting these up in a way that the wires/cables are concealed from the human eye.
That requires hours of planning. If you like taking charge and doing everything yourself then you’ve come to the right place. We will guide you in a way that you get the best end result keeping your ‘manhood’ intact as well.

Go Wireless!

Going wireless is an easy solution to cut the chord. Wireless systems were introduced purposefully for ease of access.That means no annoyance caused by wires. These days everything has the potential to go wireless, so you can have one centralized hub that holds the router, sound system, hard drives, cable boxes etc. across the room from where you’re TV or laptop are stationed. 

Snake Wires Underneath Carpet

This is a technique that is used in more than 45% of the households throughout the world. By far, the simplest and most effortless way to hide those repulsive wires. All you need to do is buy a carpet or a rug that is big enough to cover the area. This is used often with lighting chords in furniture arrangements placed in the middle of the room. Try to run the cord under the rug where it won’t be walked on too much (to avoid creating a tripping hazard).

Use Concealing Products

Consider purchasing products that will aid your pursuit for a wire-free environment, including crown moulding designed to hide cables or simpler raceways that adhere to floor moulding. At the very least wall mounted TV’s should have a raceway on the wall in-between the TV and floor to hide the wires. The unique selling point of these products is the fact that they are simple to use, easy to install and budget friendly.


Photo by: www.removeandreplace.com

Tape It

Usually referred to as duct tape, this is one of my own personal hacks that I use to hide those pesky wires. Clear packing tape or duct tape will hold almost anything in place is a useful tool when you want to disguise a cable by running it behind a table leg or something similar.
All you need to do is tape the wires to the wall or the flooring in a way that your eyes won’t be able to detect them and run the cable along the length of the leg towards the outlet. Let your creativity shine through, use different coloured duck tapes that will mimic the room or furniture color.

Get Artistic

Instead of simply covering up your cords, why not turn them into wall art? Use fancy wire clips to hide and camouflage wires along your wall. This way your wires can serve as decorative elements and will truly blend in with your interiors. Be creative! And you will find a way to perfectly integrate them in the décor.


Photo by: www.woohome.com

So, we come to the conclusion that wires are a visible menace in an otherwise beautiful composition. They need to be dealt with so that your place doesn’t turn into an electrician’s warehouse.
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