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March 10, 2016
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5 Trends Displayed at International Home + Housewares Show

More than 2,100 exhibitors at the International Home & Housewares Show, were on display in Chicago at McCormick Place Exposition Center last weekend to show off their products. Some were popular staples in the home, while others were innovative and brand spanking new to the industry. 

Sneak Peek

No matter where you were on the product spectrum old, new, cooking, cleaning, organizing or decor we definitely spotted some common trends. Here are five trends to look for when it comes to purchasing your next home product.

Make a Sparkling Statement

Everywhere you turned the common household products were going glam. Mixed metal, especially rose gold and copper are being used on pots and pans, a fondue set, dinnerware, office supplies, even picture frames.  

IMG_1520 (1)



An old staple, turns a new leaf! Check out Correlle Market Street NY new designs.


This office set is by Three by Three


These photo frames in geometric shapes are by Umbra

Now, mixed metal wasn’t the only way to make items look more attractive. How about adding some crystals to your bathroom? Check out these bathroom essentials.


Bathroom by Robely

 Multi-Functional Purpose

Many of the products that caught our eye were actually multi-functional, which not only saves space, but saves time looking for all the items you need to accomplish a task. An example of this and a product I loved was Honey Can Do’s set of three kitchen canisters with a built in measuring cup inside the lid. Check out a demonstration of this product in Dianne de Las Casas, The Fairy Organizer’s video tour of the show below. (This product is featured in the video at 5:05.)

Or what about this space saving dish drying mat and storage holder. I love that you can easily store this when not in use, rather than taking up valuable counter space.


Kitchen Drying Mat by Umbra

And of course this is not only wall art, but can easily convert into hooks to store items near the front door.

IMG_1550 Hooks by Umbra

Embracing Tech Touches

Kitchen appliances are going hi-tech more than ever before. Meet the Gourmia GKM9000 which basically makes dinner for you — it chops, mixes and cooks from programmed recipes. The GKM9000, which looks like a slow cooker meets blender meets iPhone display, weighs, preps, cooks, monitors and more.

Product By Gourmia


Colors of the Rainbow

If you love color then you’re going to jump for joy over all the color being injected into home decor this year. Color can add so much personality into your home and the company’s aren’t just playing with one color over the other, they’re mix and matching using all the colors of the rainbow in just on product.


Check out this storage unit by Honey Can Do


Here is a storage nesting set from Joseph Joseph


Tableware by Kate Spade


Kitchenware by French Bull NYC

Eco-Friendly Decor

Manufacturers also presented ways for consumers to enjoy and preserve nature as well with these eco-friendly materials inside their products. Here is bath storage made from cork.


Bath Storage by Inter Design

And I love these paper table linens from Sassafras. They look so stylish, they’re fairly during and you can just throw them away when the party is over. No mess, no washing and eco-friendly.


Which one of these trends will you add inside your home? Let me know in the comment section below I’d love to hear from you. 

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  1. Dianne de Las Casas, The Fairy Organizer says:

    You are such a trend-spotter! Love love love this blog post!

  2. Virginia says:

    I think that dish drainer is awesome!