Happy Halloween! Halloween is a great time for decorating your home. Many homeowners spend days, not to mention a small fortune, making their spaces look scary and fun. The truth is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money making your house look haunted. 
halloween diys
Spook up your space with these cheap and easy DIYs. Let’s start with a few different illuminating ideas:

Mason Jar Mummies

To create this simple DIY candle holder you’ll need an odd number of mason jars with varying height. White ribbon or gauze, scissors, a hot glue gun and a small package of google eyes. Then you’re going to wrap the white ribbon around the mason jar a few times securing the material with hot glue. Once you’ve wrapped the jar add two google eyes to bring the mason jars to life. This project cost just under $10.

Ghost Candles

These ghost candles are simple to make and cost $1.50 each. All you need to get started with this project are tall, skinny white candles in a clear jar and a black sharpie marker. Create faces halfway down the candle displaying different emotions on them. These candles will last in your holiday decor for years to come. Light them up on a dining table or mantle to awaken the spirits.
halloween diys

Pumpkin Candle Holders

Next up add some natural elements to your centerpiece by adding these pumpkin candle holders. Grab a bunch of small pumpkins and ghords that vary in color and shape. You’ll need a pairing knife and melon ball scooper to create a small hole in the pumpkin to add a candlestick. WARNING: make sure the candle sits on a flat surface so it doesn’t fall over and watch the candles while lit to avoid a fire. Also, be careful cutting the ghords they’re tougher to carve.

Decorating Pumpkins

Here are three easy ways to dress up your pumpkins without carving or painting them. Get creative and find items to use around your home. We used halloween mask, chains and spider rings. 
halloween diy
See the entire tutorials on how to complete these halloween DIYs by clicking on the video below:

Let me know below what you thought about these simple halloween do it yourself decor ideas by commenting below. I’d love to hear from you.
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