Agent Guide: How to Introduce Home Staging to Sellers

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I recently polled a number of real estate agents on ActiveRain (a real estate blog site) to ask them about home staging, specifically what their clients were having trouble with when it came time to prepare their home for sale. 
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You can check out all the answers here, but we took the top four most requested and turned them into this video series to help agents learn more about the home staging process and how to start the conversation with their clients about using this ALL important marketing tool.

Home Staging Video: Cost vs. Value

The biggest question- you guessed it- the cost vs. value of home staging, so that’s the first question we answer in this 4-part series called Agent Meet Stager. In this video we discuss the average cost of home staging and it’s value based off of Real Estate Staging Association’s findings. 

Home Staging Video: How Does It Work?

The next question that real estate agents had questions about was what are the different types of services available. Since, home staging companies provide different options or focus on one particular service it can be a bit confusing to understand all the different services and price points a seller can utilize home staging. We go into detail here in the second video. Our company has a unique service for sellers the world’s first online home staging video course that you can learn more about here.

Home Staging Video: How to Envision a Staged Home

In video three, we help answer one of the biggest obstacles real estate agents have helping the seller get out of their own way. This video will help sellers envision their home as show ready and get their mindset focused on what it will take to get the home sold.

Home Staging Video: Creating a Warm & Welcoming Home

The last video in this series gives home sellers tips to begin to implement home staging. When selling a home two of the biggest feelings the space should portray are its warmth and welcoming greeting. These are two positive emotions that could help close the deal, so how can you incorporate them into your listings?

If you’re a real estate agent or broker please share these videos with other colleagues and your sellers to help better prepare your client’s homes for sale. And, SIGN UP FOR OUR FREE HOME STAGING CLASS! This is for agents and brokers who want to learn more about home staging and how to effectively use this marketing tool in their listing presentations. You can sign up here.

Don’t forget to let me know in the comment section if you found this video series helpful. If you have an idea for an upcoming video to continue the conversation I’d love to hear that as well. 
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