How to Promote Good Sleep Habits in the Bedroom Through Color

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It’s true that getting a good night’s sleep has been proven to be one of the most important things you can do to improve your overall health. And everyone wants to be relaxed when they finally crawl into bed after a long day of work. 

If you are spending more time awake or tossing and turning, the colors of your bedroom may be partly to blame. Did you know that if you display your favorite color red, let’s say in your bedspread, that bright color may be hindering your sleep patterns? It’s true.

Color affects moods, feelings, and yes, your sleep. While you may not consciously feel the colors of your bedroom giving you less quality rest, the way that color interacts with consciousness means that the right colors can produce a positive, cozy, and calming reaction while the wrong colors might make your bedroom feel chaotic or stimulate your creative side.

That said, complete darkness might not be the answer either. There are actually numerous studies that show that the right color of light can promote sleep rather than inhibit it. 

The least restful colors you can have

Fiery or fear-inducing, some of the worst colors you can have for proper sleep include: 

Red — Known to stimulate energy, it’s quite the opposite feeling that you want when you are ready to hit the hay.

Black — While you might think of black as bringing the kind of complete darkness you want to promote positive sleep, emotionally black is linked to anger and fear. 

Purple — Many people love the luxurious royal aspect of purple and think it might be natural for the boudoir, but because of the intensity of violet, it can stimulate feelings of creativity. That’s certainly not what you need when you just want to rest. 

Some of the best colors for restful sleep  

Calming and cool, you want colors like these to make it easy to get the rest you need: 

Blue — The color of the ocean and the sky, blue promotes serenity and calm analogous to floating in gentle waves. 

Soft Greens — A pastel green is thought of as a peaceful color associated with the natural world. 

White — While you might not think of stark white as being comforting, it promotes a kind of order and polished feeling that allows someone to rest more effectively. 

If you’re planning on updating your bedroom’s decor, the colors that allow for better sleep should be your primary concern. 

Check out this infographic below which shows helpful color wheels, identifying the emotional attributes that colors demonstrate, giving you an idea of which are better for the bedroom based on your Zodiac sign. 

It’s recommended that pastel and muted hues make the bedroom more conducive to sleep, so if purple is your favorite color you might go with a lilac that lets the color feel less intense. Ultimately, you want your bedroom to be a sleep sanctum, and the right colors can go a long way to helping you drift off. 

best colors for sleep according to your zodiac sign

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