Simple Tips for Christmas to Maximize Space

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When it comes to entertaining for the holidays, it seems your home’s floor plan is never big enough. Arranging furniture is an important step when hosting a festive party because it dictates how the guest will perceive and feel in the space.
Christmas furniture arranging
When planning a get together at home a host should maximize their square footage so guests can easily get around, have a place to sit, chat and allow the homeowner to navigate around guests to keep up on party maintenance. 
Before furnishing any room, a homeowner should draw out the floor plan of a room, including the placement of windows and doors. Every room should invite you in, rather than stop you from entering, so pay attention to the traffic patterns throughout the home. Use these six main tips to determine an ideal traffic pattern when placing furniture and creating your Christmas floor plan.

Tree Placement

The first thing you want to do is figure out where the tree will be place. Will the tree be flanking a wall? Maybe you want it nestled up by a window? Or does the tree take center stage in the middle of a room? Wherever the tree is placed  make sure  you have at least three feet of walking room around the tree to avoid guests from knocking into it and possibly breaking a few ornaments. Remember the tree is the main focal point in the room this season, so make it stand out. (To see how I decorated our tree this year click here or on the video below.)

Conversation Area

Make it easy to socialize. Furniture should be no further than 10 feet away from each other, this way the person across from you can have an intimate conversation without shouting that could easily elevate the party’s noise levels. 

Multi-Functional Furniture

Use multi-functional furniture to provide additional seating. For instance, your dining chairs can be moved to the living room to form a seating space. Ottomans are a versatile piece, which can be used as a coffee table or to sit on depending on your needs. Use any available benches or chairs to augment seating and create flexible conversation areas. Chances are your guests might want to move them around.
christmas furniture arranging

Formal Setting

What type of party will you be hosting formal or informal? Will it be a sit down dinner or more buffet style? In our home, we have a small dining area that only fits six comfortably, so any soiree over six guests we use a buffet table to display food and have lots of smaller side tables around for people to use to eat. So, the lesson here? Know your space.

Points Pieces

Sometimes you may find that removing furniture can free up more space for sitting, displaying your tree, or just moving around. Remove furniture pieces you will not be needing for the party. This might even be a good time to consider whether or not you need these pieces at all. Make sure to leave enough table surfaces, so guests can rest their drink, plate or event their personal belongings on as they mingle with guests.

Avoid Overcrowding

Don’t overcrowd a room or dining table for a sit down dinner. There is nothing worse than being in an overcrowded space that’s hot and lacks a place to sit. Add onto the entertaining space if possible – set up another room, table or area so people have enough personal space to feel comfortable to edit the guest list.
For more furniture arranging tips check out our latest article in the real estate section of U.S. News & World Report A Fool-Proof Plan for Setting Up Furniture When Selling Your Home and don’t forget to comment below and let me know where you place your Christmas tree in your home?
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