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May 2, 2016
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Cinco de Mayo Backyard Fiesta

Happy Cinco de Mayo! How can you resist celebrating this day of eating guacamole, chips & dip…oh, and don’t forget the margaritas. Americans have been celebrating Cinco de Mayo practically since the battle ended as a way to celebrate pride in the community, but what does it mean? 

cinco de mayo

Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over the French forces of Napoleon III on May 5, 1862, at the Battle of Puebla. It’s one of the only battles our neighbors to the south have won…well, that calls for a tequila shot. 

If you’re looking to create a “fiesta” to be remembered, follow these five simple tips to turn your backyard into a party scene that your guests won’t soon forget.

Backyard Fiesta Cinco de Mayo Tip # 1: Set the Scene

Every good “party-scene” needs a few basics in order to get the party started. Once you have an idea of how many guests are attending decide where everyone will congregate in your home. Try to have enough seating for everyone attending, which includes a place to have quaint conversations. Create an area to hold drinks, like a bar and have a separate table where your guests can pick at food. Make sure you also have enough mood lighting outside so guests can enjoy your backyard oasis.

Backyard Fiesta Cinco de Mayo Tip # 2: Add Cultural Decor

Once the scene is set you can add cultural details to dress up the space. One way to do this is by adding pops of vibrant colors in pillows, ceramics, artwork and even with furniture (see the umbrella, bar chairs and rug below). Use fabric and patterns that are inspired by this culture. You can decorate with plants and flowers too! Try using cactus, succulents, dahlias, morning glory and hibiscus blooms to add to a centerpiece on your dinner table. Oh, and don’t forget to add a piñata, it’s not only decor– but it’s a fun game to play with your guests.


Mexican Fiesta


Backyard Fiesta Cinco de Mayo Tip # 3: Flavors that Inspire

You can’t have a party without some mouth-watering flavors. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MEXICAN!!!! Veggie-mexican of course. Take your pick: Offer quesadillas, a variety of salsas, chips & guacamole, avocado fries, tamales filled with your favorite meat or veggies, a taco bar and don’t forget to provide rice and beans. Mexican food pairs well with non-other than tequila. Some party spirits to consider are of course the infamous margarita frozen or on the rocks, rosemary refreshertequila sunrise or my go-to drink tequila & tonic with lime.

Backyard Fiesta Cinco de Mayo Tip # 4: Spark Interest with Smells

Of course, when you’re serving up food, guests will smell those spices first, which always gets them happy! But, you can also use strategic scented candles like: tobacco, cocoa, chili and lime scents. There is even a tamales scented candle from Yankee Candle, what smell will you use?

Backyard Fiesta Cinco de Mayo Tip # 5: Play Some Tunes

Now once your guests have filled their bellies with  delicious food. Have a place designated to break-out some moves. Dancing allows everyone to let loose. Play Mexican Mariachi music as you greet guests and serve food, but then turn up the heat and play some salsa tunes to get those butts moving.

I’d love to hear what you have planned for Cinco de Mayo…what’s your favorite Mexican dish? Let me know in the comment section below and enjoy the party! Now, it’s time to go eat some tacos. Yum.

Happy Fiesta,


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