Color Psychology for Home Staging or Decor

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Do you like one color over another? Do you feel one way over another when you see a color? How about do you have trouble choosing a color?
Whether you’re selling your home or staying put, this video is for you to help discover the perfect colors to use in your home….we’re talking about the psychology used behind color.
There are so many colors to choose from… just look at this giant paint index I found in May 2015 HGTV magazine. These are some of the popular colors being used in the home today. I love them all!!!

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The psychology of color is based on the mental and emotional effects it has on a person. This is so important to get right in your home because the colors surrounding you can have direct effect on your mood and affect decisions made everyday.

As you may already know, there are warm colors and cool colors to choose from.

Warm colors can instantly grab someone’s attention. Red can raise someone’s heart rate and make someone more accurate when it comes paying attention to details. Trying using this color to direct a buyer’s eye to a positive feature in your home.

Yellow can instantly lift someone’s spirits and make a house feel warm and inviting, however, a little goes a long way try using it as gold accents in your decor or use yellow pops of flowers, pillows or curtains in a dark room to cheer up the space.
Cool colors can make a room more relaxing and are great to use in certain areas of the home. Blue is a soothing color and should be used to create a calming bedroom or spa like bathroom. Just make sure to pick the right shade some blues can actually make a room feel cold and uninviting.
Greens also have there spot on the color wheel as providing balance. This color reminds many of nature so it can be used as neutral, it’s a refreshing color that also promotes wealth. Try adding greenery, around your home to bring life into the space. You can paint a bathroom or living room green to create a tranquil and harmonious space.
Neutral colors are also important to use in a space to break up other colors and let the eye rest. In my home we painted the living room blue and the office yellow, but in between the two rooms i decided to use a neutral color to break up the color palettes while still making the overall space feel cohesive.
Whites can give a space the feeling of innocence, cleanliness and purity…this color is very big to use in contemporary spaces. While black promotes authority,power and strength, be careful though because too much black can becoming depressing, almost devilish and remind some of death.
Don’t forget the combo of both these colors, grey is a hot neutral being used right now in homes, it’s a timeless color that is practical and can provide the perfect background for any color.
What is your favorite color in your home? Make sure to tell me in the comment section below and if you haven’t done so already, please subscribe to our channel to watch all our color videos.

Happy selling, decorating and enjoy your color hunt.

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