Daylight Saving Time: Embrace the Spring Season with 6 Home Projects

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As I watch the snow melt on the ground in my backyard, I can’t help but feel excited to hear we’re springing ahead this weekend– which means spring time is quickly approaching. At 2 a.m. on Sunday, daylight saving time begins setting the clocks forward by one hour, throughout much of the United States.

While mornings will stay darker longer for a while, we’ll start enjoying more daylight in the evenings. (Yippie!) Besides setting your clocks forward by an hour, now is the perfect time to wash away old man winter and refresh your home both inside and out. It’s a transitional season of new beginnings. Spring symbolizes the start of new projects, sewing new seeds and coming forth with new ideas.
Fresh buds bloom, animals awaken and the earth comes to life again after the thaw. I don’t know about you, but when I see the trees finally bloom in our area, it puts a pep in my step. That’s no coincidence warmer days have a direct influence on your mood and behavior.
As the days get longer and the sun shines brighter how will you reset your mindset and refresh your home to live the way you want? Here are five projects to start thinking about this weekend:

Exterior Inspection

If you live in an area, like New York City, that can have extreme weather one of the first projects to look at come spring is inspecting the structure of your home. This is an important step because without a solid, well-maintained structure you could face bigger repair problems down the road. Winter can take its toll on roofs, chimneys, gutters, walls, windows, foundations, even decks and driveways.

Curb Appeal

After giving the home a complete physical, it’s time to boost curb appeal. Your home’s front exterior is the first impression to the rest of your property. What do you want your curb appeal to say to neighbors, passerbys and guests? Power washing, planting flowers, fertilizing the grass, updating lighting, replace your mailbox or house numbers, painting the front door, adding a new door mat and spring wreath are just a few of the ways to make your home’s front entry warm and welcoming.

Sewing Seeds

Farmers plant their seeds as temperatures slowly rise during the spring. (Timing varies based upon location.) If you’re thinking about starting garden herbs, vegetable, fruit or flowers now is the time to start planning. Pick your favorites from each category and decide where you’d like to place the garden on your property. Choose a spot close to a water source and protected from wildlife. Don’t forget the sun will play huge role in the growth process so learn more about how much sunlight your plants will need. This is an easy way to maximize the space on your property and make each area more functional for you and your family’s needs.

Spring Cleaning

Of course, come spring all the rage is about spring cleaning! Now, I know many people either love or hate this time of year. Spring cleaning is when someone deep cleans their house or a room, typically undertaken in spring. It’s important to take part of a spring cleaning ritual to remove allergens, germs and bacteria from the home so you can feel healthier, especially at the height of allergy season. But, spring cleaning doesn’t only make you feel better it can also reduce stress, increase productivity and help the brain to focus on more important things than the clutter and dirt lingering around the home. A few tasks to add to your cleaning routine include—wiping down walls, light fixtures, appliances and furniture to improve those surrounding your body and mind.

Blossoming Accents + Pastel Palettes

When you think of spring what comes to mind? Florals. From fresh boutiques to block prints, flowers are in bloom. The easiest way to utilize this trend in your home is putting together a floral centerpiece—either real or faux with seasonal finds. Add a simple pair of floral curtain panels in your living room or bedroom. Highlight a wall with flowered artwork or temporary wallpaper. Using your favorite floral patterns in upholstered pieces can also make the statement “spring is here” use this in throw pillows, bedding or even an accent chair. Shop the look click on an image below.

Spring isn’t complete without using pastels in your home’s color scheme. If florals aren’t your thing (they’re not my Mom’s) then try using a light hue of your favorite color to renew your space. Pastels act as the perfect backdrop for bringing in other tones, giving you room to experiment with contrasting colors. Soothing pastels can create a relaxed ambiance, add a retro feel or show depth in décor when combined with bolder patterns and colors. Turn your space into a sophisticated retreat by adding pastel colors in a few accessories like throw pillows, artwork, frames, dishware, bedding and vases. Shop the look click on an image below.

Ready to put a spring in your step—there’s a lot of projects to complete this season. From cleaning the gutters to organizing the garage and cleaning your entire house from top to bottom let’s get your home ready to relax and enjoy the long, lazy days of summer. Grab a copy of our signed home planner, Make It Home: The Ultimate Property Project Planner to manage seasonal checklists, design projects and home maintenance

Spring is a time of phenomenal renewal, where will you embrace spring in your home this season? Let me know over on our Facebook page share an image there as well.
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